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Review: Elevation by Stephen King

*SPOILER ALERT* If you haven’t already read Elevation, there may be a few spoilers in this review, but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum.

I have seen a huge mix of reviews for Stephen King’s Elevation, and I can see why. I’m honestly not even sure what to make of this book…

Elevation tells the story of Scott Carey, who is losing weight at a fast pace. The strange thing is, it’s only the scales that show this. He weighs the same in his clothes as he does out of them, no matter how heavy they may be. His physical appearance remains the same, and he is as healthy as he has ever been, if anything, he is feeling better than usual. To try to get to the bottom of his problems, but without being studied, or made to feel like an experiment, Scott asks for help from Bob Ellis, a retired doctor/friend.

Meanwhile, a new couple have moved in to Castle Rock, and are Scott’s new neighbours. Deidre McComb and Missy Donaldson have just opened a new restaurant in town, called Holy Frijole. But locals refuse to accept them, or their business, because they are lesbians (or as the locals say; “not because they are lesbians, but because they are married lesbians”). The typical reaction of a small, conservative town.

I appreciate the attempt at diversity, but the execution really wasn’t as good as I would have liked. Especially from someone as talented as King. His usual ability to create complex, emotional characters didn’t show through in Elevation. The typical white guy, being the ‘hero’ really wasn’t what this story needed. I know that King probably wasn’t intending it to come across this way, and it was supposed to come across more as a simple act of kindness. But, how is anyone supposed to believe that a town so set in it’s ways, and with such strong views, would completely change their tune and embrace the couple because of a small action of a basic man. Let’s be honest, helping a woman to win a race really isn’t an action that would have such an effect.

On the other hand, I loved Scott’s story. The mystery of his condition was what really brought me in to the book. The way Scott reacted to his condition, and the way he acted towards the people around him was really uplifting. I feel like the world could learn a lot from Scott Carey, especially in current times when everything seems to be going to shit.

This was no where near King’s best work, but as a whole, it was a nice little read to pass an afternoon. But, Goodreads, this is definitely NOT a horror. Overall, I would give Elevation a 2.5/5

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