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Review: The Rats by James Herbert

For millions of years, man and rat had been natural enemies. But for the first time in history, the balance of power had shifted, and the true nature of these horrible creatures was about to be discovered. Rats aren’t usually known to attack humans for no reason, but things have changed, and their first taste of human blood has sent them on a frenzied search, and a desperate need for more.

London, England is known to have a large amount of rats, thats pretty normal, but this new breed of rat that has come to London is something unheard of. They are significantly bigger, more intelligent, and a hell of a lot more vicious than the rats that the public are used to. Now, the people of London have a task ahead of them. How do you get rid of rats that are the size of dogs, that run in such large packs, and that can chew through pretty much any obstacle that is in front of them? Is it even possible?

Now, I know what you’re thinking… rats aren’t scary at all, right? WRONG! Imagine, mutant rats that are nearly impossible to escape, and could tear you to shreds in seconds… And even if you did get away, you would be dead in 24 hours, and your death would still be excruciatingly painful. After reading this, I can honestly say, that I will never look at a rat the same again, and I will certainly be a lot more nervous on the underground! The Rats starts as brutally as it means to go on, and although this is a fast paced, and fairly short novel, Herbert certainly didn’t skip out on the level of gruesome detail included in the story. This classic horror will terrify you, send shivers down your spine, and potentially give you nightmares.

The Rats novel/series was actually a recommendation from my dad, who has read all of Herbert’s work, and knew that this was exactly the type of book I would love. Well, he definitely wasn’t wrong! I can not wait to carry on the series with Lair, and Domain, and also The City, which is the graphic novel that follows the books.

I would give The Rats a 5/5 rating!

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