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Wrap Up: April 2019

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to start doing monthly wrap up posts, so that you can see which books I’ve been reading each month.

I can’t believe that April is over already… The month seems to have flown by! I didn’t read as much as I had hoped in April, but I managed to finish 5 books, and get half way through a 6th. I also managed to start this blog, design new bookmarks and prints, and just generally get myself organised. I would class that as a success!

BOOK 1: The Rats by James Herbert

This classic horror is about the invasion of a new breed of giant killer rats, that are taking over London, and will kill anything/anyone in their path. Not only was this my first book of the month, but easily my favourite. I give this book a 5 star rating. FULL REVIEW:

BOOK 2: Elevation by Stephen King

Elevation follows the story of Scott Carey, who is rapidly losing weight. But, only scales seem to register his weight loss, and the only person he trusts enough to confide in is his retired doctor friend Bob Ellis. I was quite disappointed with this if I’m honest. It was certainly not up to King’s usual standard. I give this one a 2.5 star rating. FULL REVIEW:

BOOK 3: Sour Candy by Kealan Patrick Burke

This novella is about Phil Pendleton and his son Adam, who seem to be no different from any other father and son. But, Adam is keeping Phil a prisoner, and until a few weeks ago while Phil was shopping at Walmart, he had never even met Adam. I LOVED this! If you’re a horror fan, and you haven’t read this, I would highly recommend it! I give Sour Candy a 5 star rating. FULL REVIEW:

BOOK 4, 5, AND 6: The Green Mile by Stephen King

I am reading The Green Mile as part of a Readalong on Instagram, so it was perfect that my dad recently gave me these first edition chapbooks! The Readalong carries through into May, which is why I haven’t read all 6 yet. This month, I finished parts 1 and 2, and I’m halfway through part 3. I can’t wait to continue with it! I’m not going to give these ratings. Instead, I will review the whole of The Green Mile, and rate it, at the end of the Readalong.

I hope you all had a good month, and that May will be even better! Leave a comment of which books you read in April, and which was your favourite!

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