20 Questions Book Tag

I came across the 20 Questions Book Tag on TheEuphoricZat‘s page, and I decided to give it a go myself.

1 – How many books in a series is too many?

I guess it just depends on the series! I would usually rather read a short series, but then Harry Potter is one of my all time favourite, so who knows…

2 – How do you feel about cliffhangers?

They’re incredible frustrating, but totally needed!

3 – Hardback or paperback?

Personally, I prefer hardbacks! But, I mostly buy paperbacks, because they’re so much cheaper!

4 – Favourite book?

I don’t exactly have a favourite book. I think any book has the potential to be your favourite, it just depends when in your life you read it.

5 – Least favourite book?

I feel the same as I did about the previous question, it’s all about timing. But, the book I’ve least enjoyed recently is Lud-In-The-Mist by Hope Mirrlees.

6 – Love triangle. Yes or no?

Love triangles can be okay if they are done well, but personally, I don’t enjoy them.

7 – The most recent book you just couldn’t finish?

Honestly, I don’t think I have ever not finished a book… I HAVE to finish every book I start, even if it ends up taking me months.

8 – A book you’re currently reading?

An ARC copy of The Killer You Know by S.R. Masters, which I won in a giveaway that the author was hosting on Twitter.

9 – Last book you recommended to someone?

Twisted by Steve Cavanagh.

10 – Oldest book you’ve read?

I know it’s technically a play and not a book, but Romeo and Juliet.

11 – Newest book you’ve read?

Probably Twisted by Steve Cavanagh.

12 – Favourite author?

I don’t have one specific favourite, but I love J.K. Rowling, Steve Cavanagh, Stephen King, James Herbert, and Jane Austen.

13 – Buying books, or borrowing books?


14 – A book you dislike but everyone seems to like?

Alice in Wonderland…

15 – Bookmarks or Dogears?

Dogearing books is one of my biggest pet peeves. Bookmarks, ALWAYS. (I actually make bookmarks, and have an Etsy store)

16 – A book you can always re-read?

The entire Harry Potter series.

17 – Can you read while hearing music?

Nope, I get distracted way too easily! If it’s an instrumental, I’d probably be okay though.

18 – One POV, or multiple POV?

I enjoy multiple POV. Sometimes one POV can get a little boring…

19 – Do you read a book in one sitting, or over multiple days?

It really depends on a few different things; How much I enjoy the book, how big the book is, and my existing plans. I would love to have the time to sit and read books in one sitting though!

20 – One book you read because of it’s cover?

Circe by Madeline Miller, and I don’t regret the decision at all. It’s a great book!

Thanks for reading if you got this far!

I would love to see everyone else’s answers, so feel free to do this tag yourself, but please tag me so I can read it!

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