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Review: Frozen: The Author’s Cut by Jay Bonansinga

I received a copy of Frozen: The Author’s Cut from NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. So, thank you NetGalley and Burns and Lea Books for my copy.

FBI Profiler Ulysses Grove was once the FBI’s top closer. He has a unique knack for catching killers: he can ‘see’ into their mind, and he knows what they are going to do next. But, this ability to track killers is weakening, and he is tormented by his failure to catch the Sun City serial killer, who has just claimed his sixth victim.

When Grove’s boss receives a message from science journalist Maura County, asking for some assistance on her story about a strange ice mummy excavated in Alaska, it gives him the perfect opportunity to give Grove some well earned rest. However, this story turns out to be a lot more than anticipated. Grove and County soon find evidence that the Ice Man was also killed by the Sun City killer – six thousand years ago.

This discovery plunges them both into a nightmare of paranormal evil as they struggle to stop a force as eternal and powerful as time itself.

When initially reading the synopsis for this book, I was so intrigued that I had to see how this story played out in full. However, I didn’t enjoy this reading experience as much as I thought I would. Don’t get me wrong, the story is okay, but quite predictable, and a little boring at times.

By half way through, you already know the identity of the killer, and that for me was where the book went downhill. All of the mystery of the story was gone, and it definitely got less exciting from that point. The idea of a serial killer who has been at large for six thousand years is so unique, and in theory a brilliant plot, but for some reason, this just didn’t seem to work.

I felt completely disconnected from the characters, and didn’t really care for their back stories. Parts of the story didn’t even seem to make sense, and other parts just weren’t necessary.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed, but the story wasn’t terrible, so I give it a 2/5 rating.

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