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Review: The Onyx Crown by Alan Hurst

The Onyx Crown tells the story of three children–Sania, Gesi, and Jorann who grow up in a pre-medieval era of wars and successions less than fifteen years after the greatest king in the history of the continent has been deposed and assassinated.

Unknown to the children, as infants they had a great destiny bestowed upon them. They must overcome the traumatic circumstances of their birth, and childhood, and face many dangerous trials in their quest to fulfil their destiny.

But, can mere children use their courage, wits, and uncanny abilities to defeat legendary warriors, entire tribes, provinces, and kingdoms?

Can they lead the worthy to the greatest prize of all, the Onyx Crown?

The Onyx Crown was a little out of my comfort zone in comparison to what I usually read. I had never read an African fantasy before, and was a little unsure what to expect, but the synopsis sounded so promising, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to give it a go.

The first chapter was a little confusing, as there was so much information, and language to take in, and try to figure out. Also, because the three main characters are all on different paths, the story contains a very large amount of characters, which also got a little confusing throughout the book. However, it does get easier to keep up as the story continues, and the amount of culture and detail in the book actually became one of my favourite parts.

The book does start off a little slow, but after a few chapters, the action kicks in, especially with the fight scenes that will have you gripped. Although the three main characters have completely different stories, they are all interesting and enjoyable to read, and I particularly enjoyed Sania’s story. The three main characters are very well written, and are all very likeable characters, who you will grow to love as the story develops.

This is definitely one of those books that you need to give a chance, as I found myself really beginning to connect with the characters in the second half of the book.

The Onyx Crown is part one of a trilogy, and although it wasn’t one of the best books I’ve read this year, I will definitely be continuing with the story. Part one ends perfectly to set up for part two, and I’m excited to see how the story continues.

Thank you to the author for my copy of The Onyx Crown, in exchange for an honest review.

I give The Onyx Crown a 3.5/5 star rating.

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    1. The way the story has been built up, and the way part one ended, I have a really good feeling about the next two instalments! 🙂

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