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Wrap Up: September 2019

We have come to the end of another month, which means it is time for another wrap up post. For my September TBR I picked out 5 books, including the book I had started at the end of August. However, I only managed to read 3, and start a 4th, as this month became a lot busier than I had expected, and I just didn’t have the time to read.

The 3 books I finished are:

BOOK 1: Stealing The Scream by Theodore Carter

Percival Davenport was a successful CEO, but when he decides to retire, he soon realises how much of a struggle life can be when you don’t have anything to do with your time. Percival, who once did a minor art degree, finds his escape through art and painting.
This escape through art leads him to an unhealthy obsession, particularly with Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. But will Percival’s obsession lead to his own self-destruction?

Stealing the Scream was definitely my favourite book of the month! It was everything I had expected, more. If you are interested in art, or just looking for a tense thriller, then look no further. I gave Stealing the Scream a 4.5/5 rating! FULL REVIEW HERE!

BOOK 2: Violet by Scott Thomas

For many children, the summer of 1988 was filled with sunshine and laughter. But for ten-year-old Kris Barlow, it was her chance to say goodbye to her dying mother.  
Three decades later, loss returns when her husband Jonah is killed in a car accident. And so, Kris decides that the best thing to do for herself, and her eight-year-old daughter Sadie, is to go home to the place where Kris first knew pain.
But something has happened to Pacington, Kansas. Beneath its surface, an evil has grown, and inside that home where Kris Barlow last saw her mother, an old friend awaits her return.

Although Violet starts off rather slow, it does pick up, particularly in the second half, and as a whole, it is a good read. However, I was expecting better. I gave Violet a 3.5/5 rating. FULL REVIEW HERE!

BOOK 3: A Reluctant Spy by Miller Caldwell

Hilda Campbell was born in Scotland. She moved to Germany, where she met and married German national Dr Willy Bűttner Richter in 1912. When Dr Richter died in 1938, Hilda remained in their home in Hamburg. Before leaving to visit her ailing parents in Scotland, she was approached to become a German spy, and upon reaching Britain, she was again approached to become a British spy. Hilda therefore became a double agent. How could she cope under such strain, especially with her son Otto in the German Army?

I took part in the blog tour for A Reluctant Spy, which was my first ever blog tour! Hilda’s story is fascinating to read, and although it didn’t have as much action as I had expected, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I gave A Reluctant Spy a 4/5 rating. FULL REVIEW HERE!

Which books did you read in September?
Which was your favourite of the month? 
Have you read any of the books from my September wrap up?

Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Wrap Up: September 2019

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  1. Great Post ! 🙂
    I’ve finished More than 25 books In September 😛
    My favorite Was (Beard with me By Penny Reid )

    I’m currently writing my Wrap-up post too 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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