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My Blogs Name In Books Tag

I saw this tag a while back, on a few different blogs, and decided to give it a go myself. I am not going to try and find a book which has a title beginning with a _, so will just be doing ForBooksSake, instead of _ForBooksSake!

Here goes…

F – From Inside The House by WD Jackson-Smart

O – (The) Onyx Crown by Alan Hurst

R – (The) Rats by James Herbert

B – Blood and Sand by Jennifer M. Lane

O – Our Bloody Pearl by D.N. Bryn

O – Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

K – (The) Killer You Know

S – Stealing The Scream by Theodore Carter

S – Snapshot by Marilyn Todd

A – A Reluctant Spy by Miller Caldwell

K – Killer Domes and the Chosen One by Gibbo Gibbs

E – Elevation by Stephen King

So I actually managed to complete my entire blog name using only books that I have read in 2019, and books that are near the top of my TBR list!

I won’t be tagging anyone in particular for this tag (as usual), so if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!

4 thoughts on “My Blogs Name In Books Tag

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  1. I haven’t read any of these books except ‘Elevation,’ which I thought was just meh. I’ve never heard of a book title that started with ‘_’, but if you searched the annals of self-published books online I bet you’d eventually find one. 🙂

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