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My Top 5: Books On My TBR

Hey everyone!
So, Saturday’s are now designated My Top 5 days on my blog! This week’s my top 5 is books on my TBR.

I’m not including blog tour, NetGalley, or author review request books in this list. So, this will be books that are on my shelves, which I have been wanting to read for a while.

1 – Domain by James Herbert

I read The Rats and Lair (books 1 and 2 of James Herbert’s The Rats series) earlier this year, but with all of the blog tours, NetGalley arcs, and author review requests, I didn’t get chance to read Domain (the final book of the series). I am planning on taking a small break/cutting down for a few months so that I can focus on wedding planning, but obviously I will still want to read too, so that will be the perfect time to finally read Domain (and the other books on this list).

2 – The Demons Beneath by WD Jackson-Smart

I very recently read From Inside The House by WD Jackson-Smart as part of a blog tour, and I absolutely loved it! Although it could be read as a stand-alone, From Inside The House is actually book 2 in the DI Graves series. The Demons Beneath is book 1, and after reading From Inside The House, I HAVE to read this book!!!

3 – Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris

Cilka’s Journey is the sequel to The Tattooist of Auschwitz. I read The Tattooist of Auschwitz when it was first released, and thought that it was an incredibly moving story. So as soon as Cilka’s Journey was released last month, I bought a copy! I’m looking forward to finally actually reading it.

4 – The Defence by Steve Cavanagh

The Defence is book 1 in the Eddie Flynn series by Steve Cavanagh. If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I can not praise Cavanagh’s writing highly enough! I haven’t read the first couple of books from the series, and as a new book is coming, I really want to fit the ones I have missed in before then.

5 – Why Mummy Drinks by Gill Sims

I recently bought a copy of Why Mummy Drinks, as it was the only one left to complete my collection. Most of the time I read quite series or tense books, and it will be so nice to chill out with something a little different (and that as a parent, I can completely related to, haha).

Have you read any of these books?
or do you want to read any of them?
Which books are top of your TBR?

Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “My Top 5: Books On My TBR

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  1. I’m also planning to read “Cilka’s Journey”, most probably next year. I find it so interesting to read books with action from the same universe and that are not series in the sense of having a continuous story. One example is “The Cemetery of Forgotten Books” – I recommend it with all my heart! 🙂

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  2. I’ve only heard of why mummy drinks but reading through this sounds like these are all really good authors/series that I definitely should check out. I need to get to A Discovery of Witches, it’s been sitting on my shelf for a while! Great post!

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