Clearing The Hoard – Bookwyrm Challenge

Hey everyone!
Today I am sharing with you all a challenge that I am taking part in this year.

Clearing the Hoard – Bookwyrm Challenge was created by Caffeinated Fae. My attempt at the challenge isn’t quite as organised or as in depth, but I have counted up all of my books, and noted how many are left unread. Due to a recent unhaul, my stats aren’t half as bad as I was expecting.

Rules for the Clearing The Hoard – Bookwyrm Challenge

Do you want in on this? Feel free to adapt the idea! Use this as an excuse to read some of the books on your bookshelf! All you need to do is once a month read a book that you previously owned! Once you’re done reading that book decide if it’s a keeper or if it needs a new home! Make sure to tag Caffeinated Fae so she can share your posts!

Book Hoard Data:

Total physical books owned: 388
Total physical books read: 95
Total physical books unread: 293

Total eBooks owned: 65
Total eBooks read: 22
Total eBooks unread: 43

Overall total number of books owned: 453
Overall total books read: 117
Overall total books unread: 336

I’m really looking forward to making my way through as many of these books as I can, and I will do a few updates of my progress throughout the year!

Are you taking part in this challenge?
or any other challenges?

Let me know in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Clearing The Hoard – Bookwyrm Challenge

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  1. There are so many backlist challenges this year and I love it! I’m doing #StartonYourShelfathon but the principal is basically the same. 😊 Best of luck with all your unread books! 💜

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  2. I definitely have more ebooks than paperbacks and I’m taking part in a challenge to catch up reading some of my half started book series to clear my unread shelves. Good luck with your challenge, Danni. x

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