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My Top 5: Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Every Day Kitchen Objects

Hey everyone!
So, I recently did a My Top 5: Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Every Day Bathroom Objects, which you all seemed to enjoy, so for this week’s My Top 5 post, I am doing a kitchen objects version.

So, here are my top 5 eco-friendly alternatives to every day kitchen objects. All 5 are very simple changes that we could all make in our lives, to help make a difference!

1 – Cloths

The most simple change we can make in the kitchen is to not use kitchen roll. We personally have so many dish cloths, that we have one out for drying the washing up, and another for spills and cleaning. But Peace With The Wild sell Unpaper Towels if you wanted something specific.

2 – Washing Up Powder

So, obviously we all get through a lot of washing up liquid, and that is a lot of plastic bottles, but we recently purchased Planet Detox Dish Washing Soap Powder, again from Peace With The Wild, and we absolutely love it! It last so long, and works just as well as washing up liquid, plus it is all natural, so no harsh chemicals!

3 – Dish Sponge

We have recently purchased the Tabitha Eve Heavy Duty None Sponge (from Peace With The Wild, again), which has a bamboo core, making it naturally anti-bacterial, a tough hessian side for tough cleaning, and a cotton side for more sensitive cleaning. Once these get a bit too dirty, just shove them through the washing machine! Alternatively, if you use dish cloths, rather than throwing them away when they get a little grubby, washing them or bleaching them works wonders.

4 – Wax Wraps

I will be honest, and say that I am yet to try these, purely because we already have a roll of cling film in the cupboard, but once that is finished, I plan on using wax wraps from then onwards. Wax wraps are washable, reusable, and entirely chemical free! However, if you did want to throw them away, they are biodegradable, so no worries there! You can pick these up in quite a few places, and I have recently noticed that my local Oxfam book shop sells them (they have a small non-book area). But here’s a purchase link for a small kitchen pack, for anyone who can’t find them in a local store: Vegan Wax Wraps Small Kitchen Pack.

5 – Bio-Degradable Bin Liners

Every household probably uses a lot of bin liners, but we can cut out a huge amount of plastic use by using biodegradable bin liners. You can actually purchase these on Amazon in quite a range of sizes. So, search the size you want, and I am sure you will find them on there!

Has this post made you consider swapping to any of these alternatives?

Are you participating in the fight against climate change?
If yes, what are you doing to help the cause?
If no, why not?

Let me know in the comments!

15 thoughts on “My Top 5: Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Every Day Kitchen Objects

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  1. The kitchen is the one place I struggle to make these changes because I live in a houseshare, so getting everyone to agree to change the products we use is tough! I’m going to try slowly phase some stuff in though. Would love to see you do a make-up/beauty edition of these posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can imagine that would make things a lot more difficult, I remember what it was like living in a houseshare while I was at university! I was thinking of doing a make-up/beauty edition, so I will probably do one soon 🙂


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