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My Top 5: Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Every Day Health And Beauty Objects

Hey everyone!

For today’s post, I am continuing with my My Top 5: Eco-Friendly Alternatives series. I have had such amazing responses to the previous two, and I have been asked to do a health and beauty edition, so here it is!

1 – Deodorant Bars

Deodorant is definitely an every day thing for all of us, and a great eco-friendly alternative to the usual spray or roll on deodorants is to use deodorant bars! I recently purchase the Sunflower Deodorant Bar from LUSH, they do a range of different deodorant bars, but this one had the tagline “Get ready to Gogh”, and the artist in me couldn’t resist it. I absolutely love my deodorant bar! I have very sensitive skin, but this particular one doesn’t irritate it at all. It is zero waste, and comes in entirely plastic free packaging. It is extremely easy to use, you just apply it like you would a roll on, but without all of that plastic.

2 – Make-Up Brushes

I recently bought myself some brand new, eco-friendly make-up brushes. I got the Flawless 10 Piece Bamboo Makeup Brush Set from Peace With The Wild, and they are amazing. They have sustainably sourced bamboo handles, and super soft synthetic bristles, and they are also vegan and cruelty free!

3 – Make-Up

So, I recently decided to throw away all of my make-up, because it was old, and generally just not very good, and I decided to replace it with eco-friendly products. It turns out that it is very difficult to find eco-friendly make-up products, especially at a reasonable price, so I had to settle for vegan and cruelty free make-up instead. I invested in a whole collection of Urban Decay’s vegan make-up range. You can find the entire vegan range on their website HERE! Or you can find it in a few stores, I got mine in our local Debenhams store.

4 – Make-Up Remover

Until very recently, I took my make-up off with baby wipes… Awful, I know! But then I found Cleansing Cream Makeup Remover Tea Tree & Lemongrass, from Peace With The Wild. This stuff is incredible! Not only did it take my make-up quicker than I’ve ever experienced, it also left my skin feeling soft and moisturised. It is made entirely of natural products, is vegan and cruelty free, and comes in a recyclable tin.

5 – Make-Up Remover Pads

Instead of using make-up remover pads that you throw away after the first use (or using wipes, like I did), I now use reusable remover pads. I bought the 16 Reusable Makeup Remover Pad Set, from Peace With The Wild, and paired with the cleansing cream mentioned above, this is the perfect combination! The pads are made from bamboo and cotton fibres, and are super soft. They come with a small cotton net wash bag to put them in before putting in the washing machine to clean, and to store them in when they are clean. They also come in a recyclable paper envelope.

Has this post made you consider swapping to any of these alternatives?

Are you participating in the fight against climate change?
If yes, what are you doing to help the cause?
If no, why not?

Let me know in the comments!


17 thoughts on “My Top 5: Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Every Day Health And Beauty Objects

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  1. Awesome post Danni, I use nearly all the same types of things as you. A few years back my eczema and psoriasis got really bad so I invested in Lush products and haven’t used anything, except one other shampoo, ever since. I love their deodorant bars, and their hard shampoo and soap bars, I’ve tried quite a few and really like them! And I think that all my other skincare products are either vegan or eco friendly. Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll have to check out Peace With the Wild, I haven’t heard of them. Avril is a good make too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I get eczema and psoriasis too, and since swapping to eco-friendly and vegan friendly, it has been so much better! You’re welcome. Peace With The Wild sell absolutely everything, from all different companies, and they are entirely eco-friendly! It’s a great website, and I use it a lot! 🙂


  2. I think I’m going to have to try the Lush deodorant stick, I used to use a deodorant stone but I can’t seem to find them very easily and they cost a small fortune. I also use urban decay makeup and the bamboo makeup brushes.


  3. Another great post, thank you for sharing these! I use deodorant powder but it still comes in plastic pot (refillable but still not ideal) so I might check out those LUSH bars. I definitely want to switch to a more eco-friendly make-up removal routine so I’m going to order the cream and pads from Peace in the Wild when I finish the products I’m using now. I think I need a big Peace in the Wild haul after all your posts! An eco-friendly grocery store has just opened around the corner from me so I’m hoping I can gradually swap to more eco-friendly products across the house. Thanks again for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 🙂 The deodorant bars are great! I absolutely love my new make-up removal routine, and I am so glad I switched. I absolutely love doing big Peace With The Wild hauls! I wish there was an eco-friendly store near me! You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoy them!

      Liked by 1 person

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