The Birthday Book Tag

Hey everyone!
Today is my birthday! Although we are in lockdown, I am going to make the most of my day. One of the best things is that Alex will be at home to celebrate with me, where as usually he would be at work. I’m trying to see all of the positives in our current situation, and not let it ruin my birthday!

So, for today’s post, I am doing the Birthday Book Tag, which I saw over on Anna’s Book Nook.

Count your birth day along your bookshelf and then subtract your birth month. What book does it land on?

Dracul by Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker

If you could spend your birthday with any fictional character who would it be and why?

Oh this is a hard one, because there are so many I would love to choose. But, I will choose the Weasley twins (they count as one, okay?), because the party would be so much fun!

Find a book that takes place in the season you were born in.

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Find a book that is the colour of your birth stone.

This cover for A Room With A View was the closest I could think of for aquamarine!

Is there a series with the same numbers of books as your age? If so what is it.

The Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. It currently has 24 books (which is how old I am today), but the 25th book of the series is scheduled to be published later this year.

Pick a book set in a time period, world, or country you would like to have been born in.

I think this one was obvious… I would love to have been born in the wizarding world.

Finally, answer questions from you all!

Leave some questions in the comments for me to answer!

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  1. Living in the wizarding world would be amazing! Would you choose to go to Hogwarts? If so, what’s your house? Happy Birthday, I hope you are able to have a great day! 🙃❤️🎉

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