Wrap Up: March 2020

Hey everyone!

It is time for my March wrap up! For my March TBR, I picked out 4 books, including one I started in February. March really wasn’t the month any of us had expected, with this worldwide pandemic. The country went in to complete meltdown, and is now in lockdown…

I had so many plans for this month, and almost every single one of them was cancelled. We had to postpone our wedding until 2021, which meant I also had to cancel my wedding dress fitting, I couldn’t celebrate my birthday, my hen night was postponed, and a Van Gogh exhibition that I have waited ages for was cancelled. Not a great month at all.

When we were put in to lockdown, I thought at least I would get a load of reading done, but I haven’t read much at all this month, mainly because my mind has been elsewhere, and I haven’t been able to focus at all. I managed to finish 2 books, DNF 1, and start another, which I will be continuing in to April. So, I did actually manage to get through most of my March TBR!

Books I Finished:

BOOK 1: The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

I really enjoyed The Turn of the Key, and I can see why this book, and the author have received such high praise! I will definitely read more of Ruth Ware’s books in the future. FULL REVIEW HERE!

BOOK 2: Killer Domes and the Chosen One by Gibbo Gibbs

This was totally out of my comfort zone, and not the type of book that I would usually go for. However, I thoroughly enjoyed Killer Domes and the Chosen One! There was a definite Black Mirror feel too it, which I loved. FULL REVIEW HERE!

Book I DNF’ed:

BOOK 1: Searching For Edgar’s Five Dancers by Efren O’Brien

I am still so upset that I DNF’ed Searching For Edgar’s Five Dancers. I was so excited to read this, and had such high expectations, but honestly, it was a big disappointment. FULL REVIEW HERE!

How was your reading month?
Did the pandemic effect your reading?

Which books did you read in March?
Which was your favourite of the month? 
Have you read any of the books from my March wrap up?

Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Wrap Up: March 2020

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  1. Great wrap up Danni, you honestly did so well reading the books you did considering everything that’s been happening in the world and the plans you had to cancel. Once again, I’m so sorry about your wedding, hen do and birthday, but when they come around again they will be so special, I’m sure it’ll be perfect! xx

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  2. Ooh, Killer Domes sounds intriguing! I’m a big Black Mirror fan so your comparison has me tempted! It certainly wasn’t the month any of us were expecting, hang in there, you’re doing brilliantly. All the things you had planned WILL happen, and will be all the sweeter when they do! X x

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