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Author Guest Post – Stephanie Grey

Hey everyone!
Today is the first author guest post to go up on my blog, how exciting!

This week, we have Stephanie Grey!

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Hi! I’m Stephanie Grey, author of The Immortal Prudence Blackwood, and A Witchly Influence, to be released October 1st, 2020.
I’m originally from Elizabethton, Tennessee, and currently reside in South Carolina with my husband and cat. Oh, I’m sorry. We reside in the house with my cat, who so graciously allows us to share her space.

When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a writer. I used to write short stories when I was a kid, and even wrote a fake newspaper for fun in junior high school. 
I started writing more seriously in high school, and even obtained a B.A. in journalism.

Which authors inspire you the most?

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. They’re a team, and they’re fantastic. They’ve been writing professionally for over 20 years, and every book they’ve released has been well-written and interesting. They never run out of fresh ideas, and they’ve created some truly amazing and memorable characters. If you haven’t read any of their books, start with Relic.

Where do you find the most inspiration for your books?

It’s always a bit random. The Immortal Prudence Blackwood was inspired by an article about an old Knights Templar cave that was discovered.
A Witchly Influence was actually inspired by a family member. 
Inspiration truly comes from anywhere. You just have to be open to it.

Do you have a typical writing system/ritual?

I prefer writing in the afternoon, and I love to write while it’s raining. I am absolutely a pantser when it comes to writing! I start off a story with an idea, but not entirely sure how it’s going to unfold. It all comes together as I write.
I’ve tried to plot, but it’s so dang boring. I once had an outline and detailed back stories. By the time I went to write, I was bored with the project. There was nothing left to be spontaneous. That project got shelved, most likely indefinitely.

Name one book that you think everyone should read in their lifetime, and explain why.

Oh, wow. Great question! There are so many choices… and none of my picks are these incredible, earth-shattering reads. 
I’ll go with A Season of Passage by Christopher Pike. It’s my favorite book. It’s science-fiction, and an excellent story entwining the past and present.

You can find Stephanie here:


Thank you so much Stephanie, for taking part in my guest posts!

Also, I have read The Immortal Prudence Blackwood, and it was one of my favourite books of last year (REVIEW HERE). I enjoyed it so much that despite having an e-arc from NetGalley, I still went and bought myself a hardback copy… If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend giving it a read!
I can not wait for A Witchly Influence!

Anyone who would like to be featured for a guest post on my blog, check out my blog post ‘Guest Posts – Coming Soon!‘ for all the info, and links to the question sheets!
There are 2 separate question sheets, one for bloggers, and one for authors!


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