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Author Guest Post – Anca Antoci

Hey everyone!
I have quite a few reviews lined up for the next few weeks, so I will be posting some of the guest posts on Sunday’s.
So, for today’s post, here is an author guest post.

This week, we have Anca Antoci!

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I live in Romania where my husband and I have a small IT business. Writing is a hobby and I don’t think I took it seriously until I pressed the Publish button. But once that happened I’ve been writing religiously every day, and I will explain later why.Apart from reading and writing, I don’t have many hobbies. In a way I’m like a giant cat: all I want to do is find a comfortable spot, preferably warm and get cozy. If I were a cat I’d purr, but I’m not so I read instead.

When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

It’s odd but I didn’t realize that until the 10th chapter of my debut novel. It never occurred to me that I could be a writer, I didn’t aspire to that. My first attempt at writing was in 5th grade. I was watching Lassie, that lovely Tv-show with the dog, and it inspired me to write a similar story that wasn’t about a boy and a dog, but about a girl and her cat. The story was called Nina’s Cat. Long story short, I didn’t start writing again until I had a baby and had to stay at home for a while. It all started with the Tw-show I was watching getting canceled in the 2nd season. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Feeling frustrated, I wrote a fanfiction story to give the show a much more suitable ending. The response I got to that story was overwhelming. Apparently I wasn’t the only unhappy fan. So, then I wrote more.When I started writing my novel I didn’t have any clear plans for it, just a lot of free time. But that ended soon and I stopped writing. Years later, my husband found the first draft which stopped at the 10th chapter and read it. He insisted that if I finished it the book was worth publishing. Getting back into writing after several years wasn’t easy. The book I’m talking about, Forget Me Not is the first part of a trilogy. Once I hit the Publish button I realized that I can’t give up now. If I don’t finish the trilogy it will be like that canceled tv-show all over again (except I’m not famous, and no one would write fanfiction to finish my story) and I can’t have that happen. So now I write every day even if it’s only a paragraph or two, to keep the story going.

Which authors inspire you the most?

I love Charlaine Harris’s works. Her name is the first to pop up in my head because she was the one who introduced me to the fantasy genre. I remember binge reading The Southern Vampires Mysteries after seeing the pilot of True Blood.

Where do you find the most inspiration for your books?

Everywhere. Sometimes it’s a piece of conversation I hear on the bus or a line from a song, sometimes it’s just something that pops into my head in the shower. Sometimes, the best ideas come to me as I fall asleep and I forget them by morning.

Do you have a typical writing system/ritual?

Yes. It’s the first thing I do when I sit at my desk in the morning. I noticed that my best writing days are when I start writing the moment I open my computer. If I do that first writing comes easy. On the other hand, if I check my emails and social media messages first, I barely get anything written.

Name one book that you think everyone should read in their lifetime, and explain why.

I don’t think there is such a book because there are many different things that shape the reading experience, like interests, life experience, background, and so on.

You can find Anca here:


For other ways to connect with Anca, click HERE!

Thank you so much Anca, for taking part in my guest posts!

Anyone who would like to be featured for a guest post on my blog, check out my blog post ‘Guest Posts – Coming Soon!‘ for all the info, and links to the question sheets!
There are 2 separate question sheets, one for bloggers, and one for authors!

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