Blogger Guest Post – Fiona @ Fi’s Bibliofiles

Hey everyone!
I have quite a few reviews lined up for the next few weeks, so I will be posting some of the guest posts on Sunday’s.
So, for today’s post, here is another blogger guest post.

This week, we have Fiona, from Fi’s Bibliofiles!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Fiona, from Edinburgh. I am a huge SciFi and Fantasy reader, I dabble in gaming mostly as Player 2 with my husband and I am a proud CatMom to two crazy furry babies Maisie and Mogget (both named after literary cats). I hold a PhD in Evolutionary Genetics where I studied how the Genome of Vertebrates evolved and I now work as a Bioinformatician (fancy word for a biologist that codes)  investigating aging. I have been running my blog Fi’s Bibliofiles for just over 2 years.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I always wanted to find a way to join in on the conversation with the Bookish community. While we have all the equipment for Youtube as my husband runs a Gaming blog ( I just don’t have the confidence to put myself on screen. So I decided to start blogging to get to chat about the books I love reading. 

What is your favourite thing about being a blogger?

I have to say the people really make this fun. I have made some great bookish friends out of blogging, participating in readathons and getting involved with the book blogging community. It has also introduced me to some awesome books! Not so good for my bank balance but great for my shelves.

Who are some of your favourite authors?

  • Ben Aaronovich – his Rivers of London series is awesome
  • Erin Morgenstren – She has such lyrical writing and can capture atmosphere like no one else.
  • John Scalzi – I adore his brand of Sci-fi. It’s just witty and fun but also makes you think.
  • Sebastian de Castell – both his YA and his adult series just kick ass. Again there is just a witty/sarcastic tone to his characters that I love.

Name one book that you think everyone should read in their lifetime, and explain why. 

Picking just one is always hard but at the moment it’s The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I go back to that book often. I first picked it up randomly at an airport – I was heading to Ohio, USA to live for two years and didn’t bring many books with me. I read it over and over again in those two years and have since, I must re-read at least once a year even just in snippets. Personally, it’s not the plot or even the characters that appeal to me. At times they can be somewhat bland. It’s the atmosphere and the world. The circus truly is magical, you get a full sense of how it smells, tastes, feels to be there and I could visit the circus over and over and over again. 

Suggest 3 blogs that you enjoy reading.

The ones I read most are:

Choose your favourite 3 posts from your blog.

You can find Fiona here:


Thank you so much Fiona, for taking part in my guest posts!

Anyone who would like to be featured for a guest post on my blog, check out my blog post ‘Guest Posts – Coming Soon!‘ for all the info, and links to the question sheets!
There are 2 separate question sheets, one for bloggers, and one for authors!

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