Blogger Guest Post – Hedwig @ Hedwig’s World

Hey everyone!
I have quite a few reviews lined up for the next few weeks, so I will be posting some of the guest posts on Sunday’s.
So, for today’s post, here is another blogger guest post.

This week, we have Hedwig, from Hedwig’s World!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well I’m Hedwig! I’m in my mid twenties, live solely on tea, books and comics and really love cats. Well, all animals. Oh and my hair colour changes like every 4 weeks.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I actually started my first blog in 2017 but it was so poor that I shut it down and deleted it forever. My blog I have now Hedwig’s World came about after just needing to talk about books, comics and nerdy stuff to anyone other than my bathroom mirror.

What is your favourite thing about being a blogger?

I feel like I have far more friends now and talk to a lot more people who have the same interests as me. So blogging has allowed me to realise I am never alone. Also I feel way more tuned into my reading tastes now too.

Who are some of your favourite authors?

I feel like everyone is sick of hearing these names but Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Ursula K Le Guin, Stephen King, Tamora Pierce, Margaret Atwood are a few. I’ve really gotten into Seanan McGuire and Robin McKinley recently too!

Name one book that you think everyone should read in their lifetime, and explain why. 

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. We can learn a lot from the characters and consequences in this book and it’s a very accessible classic.

Suggest 3 blogs that you enjoy reading.

Choose your favourite 3 posts from your blog.

You can find Hedwig here:


Thank you so much Hedwig, for taking part in my guest posts!

Anyone who would like to be featured for a guest post on my blog, there are 2 separate question sheets, one for bloggers, and one for authors! Both sheets have all of the information you will need.

Here are the links:

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