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Hey everyone!
I have decided that I will be making Guest Posts a permanent Sunday feature (If we want to be featured, check the info at the bottom of this post), and they will also still be filling in on Thursdays that I have no review to share.
So, for today’s post, here is another blogger guest post.

This week, we have Ellie, from EleanorSophieWrites!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello everyone! I’m Ellie, also known on the internet as Eleanor Sophie and I blog over at I’m 21, and I’ve just finished my final piece of work for my BA in English. My blog is mostly bookish, with some lifestyle posts as well. I enjoy reading classics, literary fiction, contemporary fic, historical fic, and short stories. I’m trying to read more non-fiction. I’ve done reviews for loads of different genres though, so hopefully on my blog there’s something for everyone! 

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I can’t really remember, I technically started my blog ages ago under a different name, but I had no idea how to get views, and I hardly ever posted. I started again after my exams finished after my first year of uni because I was very much in my head and wanted to get some thoughts out. Since then I’ve kinda come and gone as I’ve had time, but I decided I wanted to get back into it recently because my final year at university was coming to an end, and with COVID19 on the horizon at the time, I figured I’d have a lot of time at home to dedicate to it. And I was right about that. Now here I am writing more posts than I ever thought I’d be able to!

What is your favourite thing about being a blogger?

Getting to engage with other people in the bookish community, and getting to see what everyone is reading! It’s a great way to find new books.

Who are some of your favourite authors?

So many to choose from! I’m going for a bit of a mix of old and new here. Jane Austen, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Sarah Perry, Maja Lunde.

Name one book that you think everyone should read in their lifetime, and explain why. 

I left this question until last to answer because I think it’s a really tricky one. Personally, the main reason I read is to develop my understanding of the world around me, and to give me a nuanced worldview, so I wanted to pick something with a bit of a political slant, but something that has broad appeal rather than a work of political theory. Orwell sprang to mind, but honestly, he kinda bores me, so I think I’m going to go with Shame by Salman Rushdie. It’s quite challenging, and very weird (magical realism kinda weird), but it’s a book I read recently for my university course and it taught me a lot about Pakistani history and culture. A lot of the characters are based on real life political figures, so it’s really interesting to look into the context behind it.

Suggest 3 blogs that you enjoy reading.

Aside from Danni’s? (thank you Ellie)

Choose your favourite 3 posts from your blog.

Ooh, this is tricky!

  • I’ll go for a fairly recent one first, my review of The Vegetarian by Han Kang
  • I also really enjoyed getting into more personal/’about me’ type posts, so I’m going to say my Behind the Blogger Tag
  • And I was also super proud of myself for starting to get free copies from places to review, so I’m going to say my first ARC review for my third choice! It was Funny Weather by Olivia Laing, and I got it via NetGalley, and in exchange I wrote what I think is quite a good review!

You can find Ellie here:


Thank you so much Ellie, for taking part in my guest posts!

Anyone who would like to be featured for a guest post on my blog, there are 2 separate question sheets, one for bloggers, and one for authors! Both sheets have all of the information you will need.

Here are the links:

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