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Spooky Scary Skeletons Tag – Movie Edition

Hey everyone!

For today’s post, I am doing the Spooky Scary Skeletons Tag, which was created by Leafing Through Time. I love all things spooky, and this tag looks so fun!

1 – Friday the Thirteenth: What is a superstition you believe in?

I am quite a superstitious person, so there’s a few! The one that I pay most attention to because it is one I come in to contact with a lot is that stepping on 3 drains is bad luck. Even as a child, I refused to stand on 3 drains.

2 – IT: What scares you the most?

Oh the irony of IT being the movie for this question… Clowns are one of my biggest fears! I’m also terrified of needles, to the point where I once passed out just having a conversation about them…

3 – Scary Movie: What’s a book or movie that made you laugh?

I’m going to go with Little Miss Sunshine. It has been one of my favourite movies for an extremely long time, and it never fails to make me laugh.

4 – Frankenstein: What is your favorite monster? (literary, mythological, etc.)

Okay, so what classifies as a monster? it seems to be quite a broad question… But, I think I will choose Sirens. They’re essentially evil mermaids, what’s not to love!

5 – Paranormal Activity: You’ve turned into a ghost! What ghostly thing are you gonna do?

I will be haunting the shit out of people, for sure! Like proper Paranormal Activity level haunting… Dragging people out of bed and all sorts, haha!

6 – Scream: What is the scariest book or movie you’ve ever read or seen?

I’m going with a movie for this one, and I’m going to say Grave Encounters. It’s horrifying, and if you plan on watching it, I would advise you to watch it during the day, and make sure you’re not alone.

7 – Zombieland: The zombie apocalypse has begun! What will be your weapon and hideout of choice?

A Katana (also known as a Samurai sword). It’s long, sharp enough to cut through bamboo, and you have no issue of having to reload it… Perfect! As for a hideout, that’s a hard one… It would definitely have to be somewhere with only one route in and out, and the entrance would have to be narrow, to avoid a possible ambush.

8 – Dark Shadows: What is your favorite book or movie featuring vampires?

A lot of you will be expecting this answer, because I talk about it all the time, but the Vampirates series by Justin Somper. These books are a childhood favourite, and I still love them just as much now as I did 12 years ago!

9 – Hocus Pocus: You are now a witch. What will be your first wicked act?

Oh this a hard question. I would probably curse someone, but I don’t know what the curse would be, haha!

10 – The Nightmare Before Christmas: You get to plan Halloween this year! What will you do to make it an unforgettable day?

Everyone has to dress up, BUT the costume has to be scary, no nurse or cat outfits at my Halloween party, I want to see who can come up with the scariest outfit! There will be horror themed cocktails, and food, pumpkin carving, and lots of scary movies (projected on to a wall or something). The night ends with everyone telling a scary story.

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