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Hey everyone!

Today’s post is the Halloween Creatures book tag! Thank you to the lovely Books Are 42 for tagging me to do this. If you haven’t already, go check out Ashlee’s blog, you’ll love it!

This tag was originally created by Anthony at Keep Reading Forward.


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Witches: A Book or Character that is Magical

I’m going to choose one of my favourite magical books that I’ve read this year: Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. Obviously there is a huge amount of hype around this book, but for some reason I kept putting off reading it. Well, I am so glad I finally did, because I loved this book!

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Mummies: A Book or Character You Can’t Wrap Your Mind Around

Okay, so most of you know how much I don’t like this book, but I just can’t wrap my mind around Alice in Wonderland, or the hype around it, I hated the entire reading experience… I’m sorry Alice fans!

Vampires: A Book, Series, or Author You Can’t Live Without

The Vampirates series by Justin Somper. This series makes me so nostalgic and happy, and is my go to when I need cheering up. I’m actually in desperate need of a reread!

Werewolves: A Book Best Reading at the Middle of the Night

I don’t tend to read in the night, I’m more of a daytime or evening reader, mainly because I value my sleep to much, especially since having my daughter! So I have no answer for this…

Zombies: A Book You Picked Up for the 2nd Time or Continued after DNFing it

I haven’t actually picked a book back up after DNF’ing yet, but I’m sure I will at some point.

Ghosts: A Character You Saw Right Through or a Book You Easily Predicted a Twist or the Ending

Strangers by C.L. Taylor. It was very obvious who was behind everything that happened, and I predicted it from early on, but the ending was still exciting, so it wasn’t too much of an issue.

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Frankenstein: A Book that Truly Shocked You

Twisted by Steve Cavanagh. There are so many twists (which you would expect, considering the title), and every single one left me with my jaw on the floor. Then there was the ending, which was the biggest twist of them all, and for so long after finishing the book, I still remained in complete shock! This book is pure genius.

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Skeletons: A Book or Character that Chilled You to the Bone or got your Funny Bone

I’m going for a book that chilled me to the bone, and I’m choosing Lullaby by Leïla Slimani. I think this book effected me more because I’m a parent. It terrified me. It’s now 2 years since I read it, and I often still think about it.

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Ghouls: A Book that Left You Hungry or a Recipe You Want to Try from a Book

Not many books that I read make me hungry, or include recipes, but I will go with The Ship of Shadows by Maria Kuzniak, because there is so much talk about cake, and who doesn’t love cake?

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Goblins: A Greedy Character or a Character that Loves Gold and Jewelry

I actually can’t think of any right now, even though I know that there are probably loads in books that I have read, and after this is posted, I will probably remember all of them…

Devil: A Dark, Evil Character

I’m going to say Patrick Bateman from American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, because he is an absolute monster.

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Grim Reaper: A Character You Loved or Hated that Died

Okay, I know we don’t talk about HP anymore, and I have avoided talking about it for a long time now, but as soon as I read this question, the only people I could think of were Fred Weasley and Dobby… My heart is still completely broken over both of them.

ScarecrowsA Book or Character that Scares You

Pennywise. Clowns are one of my biggest fears, so it’s not a huge surprise that Pennywise terrifies me!

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