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Ultimate Blog Tour Review: Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston

Hey everyone!
Today is my stop on the Ultimate Blog Tour for Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston, and I am excited to be sharing my review with you all.

A massive thank you to @The_WriteReads, and @EgmontBooksUK for allowing me to be a part of the tour, and for providing me with a copy of the book, in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Amari and the Night Brothers
Author: B.B. Alston
Release Date: 21st January 2021
Publisher: Egmont Books
Page Count: 384
Buy It Here (affiliate link): Amazon UKWaterstonesBook Depository

GoodReads Synopsis:

Amari Peters knows three things.

Her big brother Quinton has gone missing.
No one will talk about it.
His mysterious job holds the secret . . .

So when Amari gets an invitation to the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, she’s certain this is her chance to find Quinton. But first she has to get her head around the new world of the Bureau, where mermaids, aliens and magicians are real, and her roommate is a weredragon.

Amari must compete against kids who’ve known about the supernatural world their whole lives, and when each trainee is awarded a special supernatural talent, Amari is given an illegal talent – one that the Bureau views as dangerous.

With an evil magician threatening the whole supernatural world, and her own classmates thinking she is the enemy, Amari has never felt more alone. But if she doesn’t pass the three tryouts, she may never find out what happened to Quinton . . .

My Review:

Okay, let me start by saying that Middle Grade was never really my thing, but thanks to The Write Reads, I have read quite a few recently, and they have all been fantastic, so I’m definitely going to be reading them more often!

I really wasn’t sure what to expect going in to Amari and the Night Brothers, but I was so excited for it, and my gut instinct about this book was so right, it lived up to all of my hopes and expectations, and so much more! From the very beginning, the story has you hooked and desperate to find out more. There is so much mystery in the first few chapters, which continues throughout the book. I felt so sorry for Amari and her mum, having to deal with everything they were going through, but they were so strong, and they just got on with things, without complaint.

With the introduction of the invitation to the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, and the Bureau itself, this story steps it up to a whole new level. It becomes so much more interesting, intriguing, fun, and most importantly this is where the magic truly begins. The Bureau sounds incredible, and it is definitely somewhere I would love to visit and explore. Everything Amari encounters leaves you with your jaw on the floor, from wakeful dreams, talking elevators, to WEREDRAGONS! Why have weredragons never been a thing before? Further in to the book we have the tryouts, which are incredibly intense, and lots of fun to read. If I’m honest, I would love to give them a go myself!

However, throughout all of this excitement, we can’t forget the real reason why Amari is doing all of this in the first place. There is definitely more to the disappearance of Amari’s brother, Quinton, than meets the eye, and some people certainly know more than they are letting on. The search for answers and clues was particularly enjoyable for me (being a huge mystery/thriller fan), and of course I was trying to find them myself throughout the book. I had a few suspicions, and I was very close, but nothing prepared me for the reality of what had happened. There were so many revelations and plot twists!

From the very start, Amari was fighting against the odds, even before the Bureau and finding out about her magical powers (and that her powers were illegal), but this is why I loved the character of Amari so much, she never let anything hold her back, and she didn’t let anyone stop her from doing what she needed to do. There is such a great meaning, and so many lessons to be learnt behind this magical story. I would say that the most important lesson throughout the whole of Amari and the Night Brothers is to not judge people before you get to know them, not everyone is the same, or as you expect them to be. Give people a chance to show you the true them before passing judgement, because they may well surprise you. This is a great story of strength, overcoming the odds, standing against bullying, and how you can achieve anything that you put your mind to if you stay true to yourself, and don’t give up.

I sped through this book, and if it wasn’t for interruptions from my 3 year old, I probably would have devoured it in one sitting. I simply couldn’t put it down. This has definitely become one of my favourite books that I have read this year, it is fantastic, and I absolutely loved every second of it! I highly recommend that every single one of you PICKS UP THIS BOOK!

Once again, a massive thank you to The Write Reads and Egmont for allowing me to be a part of the tour, and for providing me with a copy of the book, in exchange for an honest review.

I give Amari and the Night Brothers a very easy 5 star rating!

About The Author:

B. B. Alston lives in Lexington, SC. Amari and the Night Brothers is his debut middle grade novel. When not writing, he can be found eating too many sweets and exploring country roads to see where they lead.

Website, Twitter, Instagram, GoodReads

Disclaimer: My posts often include affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission for any purchase made through my links, but with no extra charge to you. Thank you for supporting me and my blog.

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