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My Top 5: Movie/TV Soundtracks

Hey everyone!
For today’s post, I will be sharing not only my top 5 movie/TV soundtracks, but also Alex’s. We have not included musicals, Disney movies, documentaries, or movies/TV shows based on musicians, mainly to make our lives a little easier when deciding. I have also linked Spotify playlists of the soundtracks in the titles.

My Top 5:

1 – The Lord of the Rings trilogy

2 – Sons of Anarchy

3 – Harry Potter series

4 – Suits

5 – Peaky Blinders

Alex’s Top 5:

1 – Interstellar

2 – Sons of Anarchy

3 – Suits

4 – Guardians of the Galaxy

5 – Peaky Blinders

What are your favourite movie/TV soundtracks?
Are any of our top 5’s in your favourites?

Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “My Top 5: Movie/TV Soundtracks

Add yours

  1. As soon as I saw the title I thought my top would be LOTR. I also love the soundtrack from Blue Planet II. There’s a great playlist on Spotify called Cinematic Chillout which is my go to relaxing playlist for book and bath time.

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