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OMG! That Song Book Tag

Hey everyone!
Today, I am doing the OMG! That Song book tag. Thank you to the lovely Kerri @ Kerri McBookNerd for tagging me, if you haven’t already, check out her amazing blog!

This tag was originally created by Katie @ Katesbookdate.

My Jam:

A song you have to listen to no matter how many times you’ve heard it before
A book you’ll never get sick of

Shame On You is that song that I refuse to ever skip when it comes on.

I think it was obvious that I was going to choose the Vampirates series for this one. We all know how I feel about this series!


A song that reminds you of the cringiest time in your life
A book you read that you wouldn’t like if you were to read it now

When JLS first came about, I was absolutely obsessed… It’s so cringe when I look back on it now, but I had the hoodie, posters, and all sorts of merch… haha!

I can’t actually think of a book I’ve read that I wouldn’t enjoy if I read it now. There’s probably a few, but I just can’t think of them.


A recent song that you have on repeat
A recent favorite book

I absolutely love Miley Cyrus, and her recent cover of Zombie is one of the best covers of the song that I’ve ever heard.

I only finished The Last Bear a couple of days ago, but it is such a beautiful story, and I loved it so much!

Gets Me:

A song that is literally me
A book that is me in book form

I’m not sure how to answer either of these if I’m honest… I’m not great at figuring out how to describe myself or how to think of myself, so choosing a book and a song that does is even harder.


A weird song that you liked anyway
A unique book that stuck out to you for some reason

I love most of Attila’s songs, and Fronz (the lead singer) is known for being a bit of a weirdo (and also a bit of an arsehole), but I think Let’s Get Abducted is probably one of their weirdest songs…

The Beast and the Bethany was just so much fun, and so unique. I loved every second of this book!

Let’s Go:

Pick your best pump up song
A book that inspires you

If Smells Like Teen Spirit doesn’t get you pumped, then you’re lying to yourself! This is definitely my best pump up song!

Van Gogh’s Ear really highlights the sadness of Van Gogh’s life, but that is exactly why it inspires me. Despite everything, he never once gave up on his dream, and that is incredibly inspiring. Okay, his fame came too late, because it was after his death, but he finally got the recognition that he deserved, and that never would have happened if he had given up.


Your best relaxing song
A book you’d curl up with on a rainy day

There were actually a few different Dermot Kennedy songs that I could have chosen for this one, but I’ve gone with For Island Fires and Family. His voice is so calming, especially in this song, which is one of my favourites.

Why Mummy Drinks is such a fun book, which makes it perfect to curl up with on a rainy day. You’re guaranteed a laugh, and it will bring a bit of sunshine for your rainy day.


A guilty pleasure song
A light, trashy read you can’t help but love

I’m not even sure if this counts as a guilty pleasure, because I’m not even sorry about it, haha!

Okay, it’s not light, but it is certainly trashy… The Fifty Shades series


A throwback song you look back on fondly
A book you read and loved when you were young

How could I choose anything but Black Veil Brides? I look back fondly on almost every song of theirs, especially ones from their earlier albums, but Rebel Love Song in particular always reminds me of happy times.

I was a huge Jacqueline Wilson fan when I was younger, and The Story of Tracy Beaker was my favourite. Not only did I love the book, but I also never missed an episode of the TV show!

I’m Tagging:


8 thoughts on “OMG! That Song Book Tag

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  1. Loved reading you answers!! Thanks for tagging. I don’t really listen to much music at home. Used to listen to all my music on the radio while driving. But haven’t driven in over a year due to the pandemic so we shall see how far I get with the answers for the songs 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great tag! Loved your answers – I literally have no idea what I’d put for most of these, aha! Most of these – both songs and books – are new to me so might have to have some tunes going on now!

    Liked by 1 person

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