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How I Have Maintained A 300+ Day Post Streak!

Hey everyone!
Today’s post is something a little different. I am currently on a HUGE post streak, and as of today, I have posted for 307 DAYS IN A ROW! It was suggested to me that I make a post as to how I have maintained such a long streak, to help other bloggers.

There are essentially only 3 things that I do to make sure that I post every day, and they are all so simple.


The first thing I do is schedule posts. I usually do this in bulk too!

I try to set aside one evening a week, and get a whole week’s worth of posts written and scheduled, and then I don’t even really have to think about it much for the rest of that week. Obviously I can’t do every detail of all of the posts, so some of them will be saved as drafts, and I will then come back to them with the details that I was unable to include at the time, as soon as I have them.


I have a plan of what type of post I share on each day. As it stands, my post plan is:

  • Music Monday – where I share a song of my choice.
  • Tag Tuesday – I share book tags or blogger awards that I have been tagged in.
  • WWW Wednesday – A check in as to what I am currently reading, what I have recently finished, and what I plan to read next.
  • Review – Thursday is designated review day on my blog!
  • First Lines Fridays – where I share the first line of my chosen book, and then reveal the book further in to the post.
  • Saturday’s seem to have become a bit of a mix of posts… originally it was supposed to be My Top 5 day, but I also share my monthly TBR’s and Wrap Up’s on Saturdays, and I share other random posts (like this one) on Saturday’s too.
  • NetGalley Check In – Sunday is my NetGalley Check In day, where I share what I have on my NetGalley to read shelf, and what my feedback ratio is.


I sign up to so many blog tours (mainly with The Write Reads, and Damppebbles), which not only gives me lots of books to read, but also introduces me to lots of new authors, and gives me lots of content for my blog!

I have also told Dave who runs The Write Reads that if he ever needs to fill up space on a tour that I haven’t already signed up for (which is usually because I already have too much to read, and can’t fit the book in my schedule in time for the tour), then he can put me down for a spotlight post. Spotlight posts are not only helpful in regards to blog content, but they’re also very beneficial to authors!

I know a lot of people assume that spotlight posts on blog tours means that you didn’t enjoy the book enough to give it a positive review, but actually that’s not the case at all, and I personally do lots of spotlight posts for books that I haven’t even read.

And that’s it… that’s my 3 basic steps to maintaining my post streak!
I hope this has helped some of you, and that you’ll maybe start using my tips to help with your own post streak.
If you have any tips of your own, I’d love to hear them, so drop them in the comments!


15 thoughts on “How I Have Maintained A 300+ Day Post Streak!

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  1. This is such an interesting post! I don’t post every day, but I do use similar techniques to keep my posting regular: I have a posting schedule, and I write posts in advance!

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  2. Don’t you love organization? I have a schedule, too, but it is turning out to be more monthly instead of weekly. I have a list of books that need reviewing and then spend one weekend day writing and scheduling for the month ahead, three reviews a week, four when you count my Nancy Drew reviews, which are written a week or two in advance. The only posts I do right before posting are WWW Wednesday and the weekend Kindle Deals which have to wait for obvious reasons.. I’ve blogged before on other topics and found that hardly anyone reads blogs between Christmas and New Year’s so I skipped a couple of days in December 2020, but otherwise post every day. It’s not that hard if you have a plan of attack, as you so expertly detailed. Congratulations on your streak!

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    1. Thank you!
      Yes, WWW Wednesday usually get left to the day before for me too (for obvious reasons), but I usually get the basics of the post drafted in advance so that I only actually have to add the books in to it 🙂
      Between Christmas and New Year is definitely the slower period, but I’ve found that trying to make posts in that time as festive as possible usually helps keep the views up.


  3. This is absolutely positively amazing! I posted once for 8 days in a row and thought I’d die! I do have a posting plan/schedule that keeps me consistent at 3-4 times per week….5 times is a very productive week in my world! Promotion of posts on social media requires a lot of time….how do you handle that part? Also what benefits have you seen as a result of your streak? Have you increased views or followers as a result? Again, congrats!

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    1. Thank you! Posting plans are so helpful!
      I usually share it once on Twitter in the morning, and then copy and paste the tweet to my Facebook page, and sometimes I RT my tweet in the evening to catch a different audience (but I often forget to do that). I’ve definitely seen a big increase in my views and followers!

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  4. Holy moly macaroni!
    That’s amazing! The longest I’ve kept was 2 days and that felt like excessive to me and my brain 😂
    I totally tried to keep a posting schedule and to post more often for my blog New Years goals, but that flunked as soon as tax season hit (oop!)

    Anyways, well done! That’s so impressive *.*

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