Review: They Don’t Need To Understand by Andy Biersack (with Ryan J. Downey)

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Today, I am excited to be sharing my review of They Don’t Need To Understand by Andy Biersack (with Ryan J. Downey) with you all.

Title: They Don’t Need To Understand: Stories of Hope, Fear, Love, Life, and Never Giving In
Author: Andy Biersack (with Ryan J. Downey)
Release Date: 8th December 2020
Publisher: Rare Bird
Buy It Here: Amazon UK (affiliate link), Rare Bird

Book Blurb:

Before he was the charismatic singer of Black Veil Brides and an accomplished solo artist under the Andy Black moniker, he was Andrew Dennis Biersack, an imaginative and creative kid in Cincinnati, Ohio, struggling with anxiety, fear, loneliness, and the impossible task of fitting in. With his trademark charm, clever wit, and insightful analysis, Biersack tells the story of his childhood and adolescence. The discovery of the artistic passions that would shape his life, and his decision to move to Hollywood after his 18th birthday to make his dreams come true, even when it meant living in his car to make it all a reality. It’s the origin story of one of modern rock’s most exciting young superheroes, from building miniature concerts with KISS action figures in his bedroom to making the RIAA gold-certified single “In the End” and connecting with passionate fans worldwide.

My Review:

A lot of you may already know this, but for the past 10/11 years, Black Veil Brides have been a huge part of my life, and Andy Biersack in particular has been a very important figure in my life. Of course I pre-ordered a signed copy of They Don’t Need To Understand as soon as I could. I knew that this book had been in the pipeline for a long time, and I waited years for it (literally), so I couldn’t wait to finally get my hands on it and read it.

This isn’t the typical rockstar biography that a lot of people will probably be expecting (I myself thought that it was going to be), but instead, it is more about his journey as a person and musician. It is more like peering in to his mind, and seeing how he thinks, than finding out what he gets up to on tour.

This is a very unique insight in to Andy’s mind and his life, which is an extremely rare thing to get from a famous musician. The raw honesty of who he was, who he is, what he has had to face along the way, and what he has overcome is so refreshing to read. He has had an incredibly interesting life, and the way he talks about it and describes it makes it all the more interesting to read. I couldn’t put this book down.

I am very lucky to have had many chances to meet Andy over the years, and he is one of the most genuine, nicest people I have ever met. I think this book really shows those qualities, but it also shows that he can acknowledge that he wasn’t always the person that he is now, and it has taken a lot of growth for him to become who he is today and the person he really wanted to be. I feel very honoured to have witnessed his journey over the years.

If you’re a fan of Andy, or Black Veil Brides, I urge you to pick this book up immediately. If you want an in depth look in to the life and mind of successful musician, this book is also for you.

I give They Don’t Need To Understand a 5 star rating!

About The Author:

Andy Biersack is the singer of Black Veil Brides and performs as a solo artist under the name Andy Black. He’s acted in both film and television, conceived the graphic novel The Ghost of Ohio, and co-created The Andy Show podcast. Andy has appeared on the covers of tastemaker rock music publications like Kerrang!Alternative PressRock Sound, and Revolver and shares content with millions of followers across social media.

He was the host and head writer of the 2017 Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards. He lives in Southern California with his wife, singer Juliet Simms, and their three pets.


Pictures Of Me And Andy:

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  1. Although I’ve loved BVB & Andy for years, I’ve never been able to meet him. (I got halfway through the book and got distracted – I need to finish it. LOL)

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