Spotlight: The Girl Behind The Wall by Mandy Robotham

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Today is the publication day for The Girl Behind The Wall by Mandy Robotham! To mark its publication, I am sharing a spotlight post for you all to learn more about the book.

Title: The Girl Behind The Wall
Author: Mandy Robotham
Release Date: 6th July 2021
Publisher: Avon Books
Page Count: 416
Buy It Here (affiliate links): Amazon UKWaterstonesBook Depository

GoodReads Synopsis:

The highly-awaited new novel from the author of internationally bestselling WWII fiction.
A city divided.
When the Berlin Wall goes up, Karin is on the wrong side of the city. Overnight, she’s trapped under Soviet rule in unforgiving East Berlin and separated from her twin sister, Jutta.
Two sisters torn apart.
Karin and Jutta lead parallel lives for years, cut off by the Wall. But Karin finds one reason to keep going: Otto, the man who gives her hope, even amidst the brutal East German regime.
One impossible choice…
When Jutta finds a hidden way through the wall, the twins are reunited. But the Stasi have eyes everywhere, and soon Karin is faced with a terrible decision: to flee to the West and be with her sister, or sacrifice it all to follow her heart?

About The Author:

Taken from Mandy’s Amazon profile:

“I’ve been dreaming of writing of a book since the age of nine, when I read ‘Harriet the Spy’ and carried my notebook around the school playground trying to look interesting.

I was waylaid, however, by journalism and children, which led me into midwifery, and more years away from my keyboard. But I’m immersed again in the world of words, having completed an MA in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University. Now I write about birth, death and anything else in between (when I’m not called out to birth with women in the small hours).

‘A Woman of War’ is my first novel, combining a continued passion for birth with a fascination for wartime history and the tenacity of the human soul – survival, regardless of culture or creed. It’s reception among readers worldwide has been beyond my wildest dreams; in the Kindle bestseller lists in the UK & Canada, and in paperback bestseller lists too.

My second novel – ‘The Secret Messenger’ – continues a wartime theme, this time in occupied Venice and charts the contribution of the thousands of courageous women to the Allies hard won victory. Now I’m researching and gathering for the next two novels with Avon Books/Harper Collins. Thanks to book lovers, I’m one happy little scribe.

In any spare time away from writing and babies, I’m a keen gym-goer, a knitter of what my children call ‘strange things’ (placentas included!), and pride myself on being Jack Savoretti’s number one fan.”

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