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Clearing The Shelves – Book Stats

Hey everyone!
At the beginning of the year, I decided that I was going to take on less blog tours/ARCs/review requests, so that I could tackle all of the unread books on my shelves. It is safe to say that I have failed to do so… Here are my book stats as they stand, and I will do another update towards the end of the year.

Book Stats:

Total physical books owned: 448
Total physical books read: 144
Total physical books unread: 304

Total eBooks owned: 154
Total eBooks read: 64
Total eBooks unread: 90

Overall total number of books owned: 602
Overall total books read: 208
Overall total books unread: 394

I certainly have A LOT of reading to do… hopefully I can tackle some of this in the second half of the year, and refrain from signing up to any more tours, and taking on any more ARCs!

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  1. I feel like an update like this would be really helpful for me to get myself organised but also the idea of doing it scares me and will make me face up to how many unread books I have. I think ill continue to live in denial for a little while longer!

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