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Review: House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland

Hey everyone!
Today, I am excited to be sharing my review of House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland with you all.

Title: House of Hollow
Author: Krystal Sutherland
Release Date: 6th April 2021
Page Count: 296
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Buy It Here (affiliate links): Amazon UKWaterstonesBook Depository

GoodReads Synopsis:

Seventeen-year-old Iris Hollow has always been strange. Something happened to her and her two older sisters when they were children, something they can’t quite remember but that left each of them with an identical half-moon scar at the base of their throats.

Iris has spent most of her teenage years trying to avoid the weirdness that sticks to her like tar. But when her eldest sister, Grey, goes missing under suspicious circumstances, Iris learns just how weird her life can get: horned men start shadowing her, a corpse falls out of her sister’s ceiling, and ugly, impossible memories start to twist their way to the forefront of her mind.

As Iris retraces Grey’s last known footsteps and follows the increasingly bizarre trail of breadcrumbs she left behind, it becomes apparent that the only way to save her sister is to decipher the mystery of what happened to them as children.

The closer Iris gets to the truth, the closer she comes to understanding that the answer is dark and dangerous – and that Grey has been keeping a terrible secret from her for years.

My Review:

I received a sample extract of House of Hollow through NetGalley back in April 2021 (sample extract review here), and loved it immediately. I’ve been desperate to read the full book ever since, but blog tours and ARCs got in the way of that, so it took me until it was picked as our ‘book club that’s not a book club’ book for February for me to finally read it!

From the very beginning, you can’t help but be intrigued by the Hollow sisters, they have this magnetic energy that instantly draws you to them, and has you desperate to know more about them. It’s very evident from the opening chapters that it isn’t just readers that are drawn to them, but in the story they really are like human magnets. Everybody wants a piece of the Hollow sisters, or even just to be close to them.

The sisters are all very, VERY different. Iris is the quiet, sensible one, Grey is the outgoing supermodel, and Vivi is the rebellious party animal. Vivi is definitely my favourite of the trio, and I would love to be her friend. I actually think we could have a pretty good time together! I love her vibe, her attitude, and I am totally here for her aesthetic. Each of them is interesting in their own ways, but despite their differences, they are very much a team. The Hollow sisters aren’t complete without each other. So when Grey disappears, Iris and Vivi do not hesitate to try to find her.

This story gets dark pretty quickly, with strange horned men following the sisters, and the familiar wild, decaying odour that seems to be stuck in their noses . But Iris and Vivi believe that this is the key to finding Grey. When retracing her steps, the sisters start to uncover some disturbing things about their sister that even they had no idea about. Grey has been keeping secrets.

The further in to the story we get, the darker and more dangerous things become. And now Grey’s ex, Tyler, is coming along for the ride too. Tyler has a very emotional backstory that I wasn’t really expecting, which only gets more emotional as the story progresses, but it ties in so nicely with the rest of the story. Tyler’s story at one point had me in tears.

The questions from the sister’s childhood disappearance are slowly answered throughout the story, but I never in a million years could have imagined the real truth of the matter. This was so much more sinister than what I had in mind, and honestly a little terrifying. With the big reveal, my jaw totally dropped. The intense climax has you on the edge of your seat, and was so worth the wait. The ending also leaves the story potential to have a sequel, which I would love to see. This is one of those books that you just can’t put in to words, you need to experience it, so I urge you all to pick it up ASAP!

This book was everything I wanted it to be and a million times more, and is quite possible my favourite book of the year so far. I loved every second of it, and I can not wait to see what else this author has in store for us in the future!

I give House of Hollow a very easy 5 star rating!

Disclaimer: My posts often include affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission for any purchase made through my links, but with no extra charge to you. Thank you for supporting me and my blog.


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