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The Cheesy Goodness Tag

Hey everyone!
Today, I am doing the Cheesy Goodness tag! I saw this over on Books Are 42, and thought it looked like fun, so decided to give it a go myself.

The Rules:

The Prompts:

Cheddar – The Traditional Cheese: Name Your Favourite Classic Novel

I haven’t really read many classics, but I do have loads on my TBR. Out of the classics that I have read, I would say that my favourite is either Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, or Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

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Swiss – A Hole-y Cheese: Name an Emotional Roller Coaster

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold. This book is absolutely beautiful, and heart warming, but it also completely broke my heart too! I can not explain how much I love this book.

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Blue Cheese – The Controversial Cheese: Name an Unpopular Book Opinion You Have

I don’t care how much people enjoy writing notes, seeing annotated books makes me want to scream. Please do not write in your books!

Brie – The Favourite Cheese: Name an Author You Always Want More Of

Steve Cavanagh. I love his writing so much, and his books never fail to surprise me. He’s definitely my favourite author!

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Gouda – The Dutch Cheese: Name A Book That Makes You Want to Travel

I actually can’t think of an answer for this one…

American – The Fake Cheese: Name Your Least Favourite Book/A Book You Love to Hate On

Oh it HAS to be Alice In Wonderland. I’ve never hated a reading experience quite as much as I hated that one.

Colby Jack – A Mixed Cheese: Name Your Favourite Ship

Grace Tempest and Lorcan Furey from the Vampirates series. The real OTP! I adore them.

Mozzarella – The Simple Cheese: Name an Old Favourite You’ll Never Stop Loving

The Vampirates series by Justin Somper. This will always be my favourite series ever, and has been since I was a child.

Pepper Jack – The Spicy Cheese: Name A Book You Can’t Judge by Its Cover

Nothing But Blackened Teeth by Cassandra Khaw, and I don’t mean it in a positive way. Both the hardback and paperback covers are absolutely incredible, and made me super excited to read it, but the book itself really let me down.

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Muenster – The Monster Cheese: Name A Villain That You Wish Never Had the Joy of Eating Cheese Again

The Beast from The Beast and The Bethany series by Jack Meggitt-Phillips! He’s just such an awful creature, and he doesn’t deserve to eat cheese again.

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