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Blog Tour Review: Stamp of A Criminal by Peter James

Hey everyone!
Today is my stop on the blog tour for Stamp of A Criminal by Peter James, and I am excited to be sharing my review with you all.

A massive thank you to @Lovebookstours and @booksonthehill for allowing me to be a part of the tour.

Title: The White Lion
Author: Scott Oden
Genre: Crime Fiction
Publisher: Books On The Hill
Purchase Link: Only available through the ‘Open Dyslexia: The Sequel’ kickstarter, which you can find HERE!

Book Blurb:

The young DCI Roy Grace gets called out to a burglary in a well-off area and a valuable collection of silver and an even more valuable stamp collection have been stolen.  Things are not what they seem, and Grace soon finds the owner’s actions rather suspicious. Can the young DCI solve his first ever case?

My Review:

Stamp of A Criminal follows DCI Roy Grace on his first ever case. You can tell that he is desperate to impress, and to nail this first case. I actually really liked his character, and thought he did a fantastic job, as well as being a great guy.

It wasn’t an edge of the seat thriller filled with mystery, that had you asking a ton of questions, but being only 70ish pages long, it didn’t have time to be that, but instead it was very straight to the point, no messing around. I did predict the ending, however that didn’t take anything away from the build up.

This was a fun and enjoyable little read, and definitely good for anyone who’s wanting something quick and easy.

I give Stamp of A Criminal a 3 star rating!

*Thank you to Love Books Tours and Books On The Hill for my copy of the book, in exchange for an honest review*

About The Author:

Peter James is a UK No.1 bestselling author, best known for his Detective Superintendent Roy Grace series, now a hit ITV drama starring John Simm as the troubled Brighton copper. Peter has won over 40 awards and to date has written an impressive total of 19 Sunday Times No. 1s, sold over 21 million copies worldwide and been translated into 38 languages. His books are also often adapted for the stage – the most recent being Looking Good Dead

Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, GoodReads


About Dyslexic Friendly Fiction For Adults by BOTH Press

Following their successful “Open Dyslexia” Kickstarter in 2021, which led to publishing eight dyslexic friendly fiction titles, BOTH Press is launching on June 7th 2022, their second Kickstarter “Open Dyslexia: the sequel” with more high-profile authors than ever before, lasting 30 days and finishing on the July 4th 2022

The Kickstarter aims to publish eight more titles of high-quality fiction from bestselling authors: including household names such as Bernard Cornwell and Peter James. 

The line-up is full of many front-list authors such as Gareth Powell, J.M Alvey(aka Juliet Mckenna), Scott Oden, Snorri Krisjanason, and James Bennett.

Peter James will also be doing an introduction for the 2022 collection.  

There are very few initiatives for reading for pleasure for adults. The eight titles BOTH Press has already published are the only readily available dyslexic friendly fiction for adults in the UK and can be found in libraries and any bookshop. The scale of accessibility is not nearly enough, as around 10% of the UK population deal with some form of dyslexia.

Despite Jay Blades’s (the Presenter of ‘Repair Shop’) unique telling of his own learning to read on the documentary ‘Learning To Read At 51’, which the BBC recently aired. There are still few or no resources for adult dyslexia. A glance at Adult dyslexics charity websites and reading charity websites indicates there are few resources on reading fiction for pleasure for adults with dyslexia.

The dyslexic blogger Suzy Taylor who writes for Dyslexia Scotland, said: 
“It is frustrating that we now have children’s books in dyslexic friendly formats. As adults we apparently do not require books in the same form.”

There needs to be a choice for people to read for pleasure, where there are books designed to be friendly to them and are not dumbed down, are high quality and enjoyable fiction, which people can chat and socialise about with friends and family.

Darren Clarke, the director of Succeed with Dyslexia, said:
“This books shop is doing incredible things and helping people to fall in love with reading again” [and] “I love the fact and the thought that has gone through on these [titles] with the spacing, the font, with the colour of the paper and the way that the book just flows.”

BOTH Press has had many heart-warming responses of how the books have impacted their lives. 

Dr Alistair Sims said: 
“Many individuals who have told us their stories do not want to be mentioned due to fear of stigma about their struggle to read. For example a man in his 50s is Scotland had not read a book since he was a child. His partner found us and bought him one of our titles. He read it. Then called us up to order another. He was so happy to actually read. In fact the partner wrote us a letter explaining how much of difference it is making and then ordered the four more for a Christmas present.” 

BOTH aim to raise £16,000 to publish eight titles. Though looking to the future, they will need more than £20,000 a year to keep publishing eight titles regularly. All funds go toward the book production/ life cycle to make them readily available. The bookshop Books on the Hill and their manager Alistair Sims, who created BOTH Press, receives no profits from the project.  

Further information is available here!

Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – GoodReads – TikTok – Etsy Store – Wish List


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