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Blog Tour: The Rise Of The Azure Spire by J. Edward Hackett

Hey everyone!
Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Rise of The Azure Spire by J. Edward Hackett. I am excited to be sharing an excerpt post with you all, so you can get a little taste for the book!

A massive thank you to @LoveBooksTours and @InkSmithPublish for allowing me to be a part of the tour.

Title: The Rise of The Azure Spire
Author: J. Edward Hackett
Release Date: 30th September 2022
Publisher: Ink Smith Publishing
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Buy It Here (affiliate link): Amazon UK

Book Blurb:

War has come to Alluria.

With King Darnashi under the control of necromancy wielded by Prime Magus Encheron, the Wizardlord’s must pledge their allegiance or face the costs of treason.
The Elves of Venda have thrown their support behind Prince Kal, but Kal might be more Allurian than they bargained for. When Kal’s dreams connect to the tortured soul of his brother, King Darnashi—the war takes a much deadlier turn. An army of the dead has risen and Encheron wields their commander. 
While Venda and Alluria fight their war, Encheron is making deals with the Shadowland to ensure his own claim over Alluria, but when he promises the Heart of Creation in exchange for his power, he may have doomed them all. 


King Darnashi paced back and forth across the plush red carpet beneath his throne. Behind him, tall and deathly pale, sat Encheron, Prime Magus of the Wizardrium. His bony fingers were wrapped tight over the edges of the armchair, his long translucent finger tapping in irritated boredom. The Wizardrium members entered the throne room one by one to pledge their loyalty to King Darnashi Tremayne, their lands, and the Prime Magus. 

The Tremayne royal line, once more noble than cruel, had set its sights on the destruction of Zalanthas, the elven city on the southern part of the continent. But mere days ago, Darnashi’s brother, Prince Kalero conquered their forces in the attempt. Reports had reached the Prime Magus that Kalero had split the earth, swallowing Darnashi’s invading force and had personally brought down several of the Allurian Destroyers. 

“Dean Smythe,” the name sounded from the scribe outside of the chamber. The doors swung open revealing an elderly man, half-elven and plump, shaking in fear. The Allurian Empire consisted of ten centuries of interbred and marrying races, as Alluria cared little for racial purity, preferring to produce citizens with magickal power. The empire was established by, and for Wizards, which meant magickal prowess equaled wealth and those who could wield power ascended to nobility. The scribe let the door close behind him, standing as near to the door as possible.

“Dean Smythe,” the Prime Magus repeated, adding an unpleasant air to his words. Smythe’s elven ears twitched, his hands tucking a pastry back into the folds of his pockets. He approached slowly, his face down. Sweat trickled down his brow, causing the man to constantly push his spectacles back up his face only for them to slide forward once more. 

If Smythe was curious about why the Prime Magus was seated on the satin throne, black robes billowing about him as if he himself was King, while Darnashi twitched on the dais, he did not show it. The nobles wouldn’t risk enraging the leader of the Wizardrium.

About The Author:

J. Edward Hackett, Ph.D. is an academic philosopher at Savannah State University who rather than engage in metaphysical speculation in process metaphysics is off building magick systems in his world of Apeiron. Ed absorbs the sunlight of the beach, practices zazen, and while writing and teaching philosophy and other courses in the humanities, he shoots landscape photography.

Despite all of this, his greatest joy is teaching and writing. “Writing fiction is simply being philosophical with narratives rather than directly talking about concepts.”

Ed lives in Savannah with his wife Ashley and their two cats: Olive and Lulu. 

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