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Bookstagram Tour Review: The Haunting of Tyrese Walker by J.P. Rose

Hey everyone!
Today is my stop on the bookstagram tour for The Haunting of Tyrese Walker by J.P. Rose, and I also wanted to share my review with all of you on my blog too.

A massive thank you to @KaleidoscopicBT and @AndersenPress for allowing me to be a part of the tour.

Title: The Haunting of Tyrese Walker
Author: J.P. Rose
Genre: YA Horror
Publication Date: 6th October 2022
Publisher: Andersen Press
Buy It Here (affiliate links): Amazon UKWaterstonesBook Depository

Book Summary:

After a shocking event leaves Tyrese struggling with grief, he’s taken to visit family in Jamaica. From the first night, strange things start happening: impossible visions, blackouts, swarms of insects, and the discovery of a grave hidden deep in the forest… Tyrese can’t explain what’s going on and he’s scared that he’s losing his grip on reality.

Then Tyrese is warned he’s being hunted by the mysterious Shadow Man. Under threat, Tyrese and his friends set out on a terrifying journey across the island to try and uncover the Shadow Man’s sinister history. Who can Tyrese trust when his own mind is falling apart and there’s nowhere left to hide?

My Review:

*Thank you to Kaleidoscopic and Andersen Press for my copy of the book, in exchange for an honest review*

The moment I first heard about The Haunting of Tyrese Walker, I was immediately intrigued. I love a good spooky read, especially at this time of year, and I’ve gotten in to MG and YA horrors a lot more lately, and this is definitely up there with my favourites.

From the very beginning of this story, it was clear that the relationship between Tyrese and his mother seemed to be completely on the rocks, despite his mum trying her hardest, and it’s very obvious that the absence of his father is a huge factor in the breakdown of their relationship. His relationship with his family in Jamaica isn’t exactly great either, because he simply doesn’t know them well enough, and to begin with, he doesn’t get along with his cousin at all. But as the story goes on, Tyrese and his cousin Marvin seem to strike up a real friendship, and then when the boys meet Ellie, they become a very interesting trio.

This story is hugely emotionally charged, and the author did a fantastic job of showing how grief can make you feel completely empty and alone, how the darkness can overtake you, and the dangers of staying in that darkness and grief and not looking forward. But she also showed that everybody grieves differently, and your way of getting through it isn’t necessarily the same as those around you. When we lose a loved one, I think it’s easy for us to assume that people will understand our feelings and reactions, but I think it is important for us to understand that grief is personal, and someone going through the exact same thing could react in a completely opposite way.

The Jamaican culture really shines through in this story, and the beliefs in regards to The Shadow Man were super interesting. It was a mystery that I was desperate to know more about! Throughout the book, it was obvious that something very wrong was going on around Tyrese, and he was beginning to question his own sanity. There was an atmosphere that really grips you, and leaves you trembling with fear. The progression of the terror levels of each incident will send chills though your entire body, leading to a shocking, and horrifying climax, that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

This story was everything I wanted it to be, and was extremely difficult to put down. Definitely a must read for horror fans of any age! I can not wait to see what J.P. Rose has to offer in the future.

I give The Haunting of Tyrese Walker a 5 star rating!

About The Author:

J. P. Rose was born in Manchester, adopted early and grew up in the Yorkshire countryside where racial tolerance ‘wasn’t even a concept’. Feeling isolated, it was animals and writing stories which kept her company. Today, J.P. is the bestselling author of over 14 adult crime novels. 

As a Black author with dual heritage, her passion to smash down barriers and to tell stories to ensure that all children see themselves reflected in the books they read has never left her. J. P. lives in the countryside with her family surrounded by her horses and several other animals. Having trained as a pet bereavement support worker, in her spare time she volunteers at veterinary practises and other organisations helping people come to terms with the loss of their much-loved animal companion.

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