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Blog Tour: Stormfire by Jasmine Young

Hey everyone!
Today is my stop on the blog tour for Stormfire by Jasmine Young. I am excited to be sharing an excerpt post with you all, so you can get a little taste for the book!

A massive thank you to @LoveBooksTours for allowing me to be a part of the tour.

Title: Stormfire
Author: Jasmine Young
Genre: Fantasy
Age: Young Adult
Page Count: 390
Buy It Here (affiliate link): Amazon UK

Book Blurb:

A crippled boy must exchange his cowl for a crown… or the young and innocent will burn.

The Sages were once greater than even the dragons of eld. Now that they have perished, war and blight ignite across the realm. 

A fourteen-year-old asthmatic boy dreams only of escaping his servitude on the chilly alps of the Air Kingdom. But when royal soldiers arrive and execute his brother for treason, Jaime Pappas is thrust headlong into a destiny beyond what he could ever imagine…

The crown has discovered he is a Sage, the last of his kind. In a race against a superstorm that could obliterate the realm, he must master the forgotten art of the elements—even if it means killing the King… and his long-lost sire. 

An ancient evil is mounting in the darkness. His true enemies are not who they seem…for Dark Fhaey lurk in the night, manipulating, plotting, and hungering for the last Sageflesh…

Fans of epic fantasy adventures like Eragon, Dragon Mage, and Of Blood and Fire will love this. In this coming-of-age tale, the cruelty of adult interests will slay the young and innocent… and a crippled boy must not find a dragon, but become one to save them.


But he couldn’t.

Jaime raced across the bridge, and wheezed for breath as he passed the tree line. The lekythos tumbled out of his grip, rolling into a tuft of wormwood. Kingpines towered over him. On the slopes below, between the trunks, an old amphitheater appeared. Mamá said that Mount Alairus’s silver mines had once made the people here wealthy, before the King’s invasion. Back in those days, merchant lords would host plays and poetry contests out here.

But the mines had long been stripped empty, and the theater itself was crumbled and abandoned… except for six boys.

These were mangy, emaciated creatures with blackened teeth. All his age. They talked like they had loincloths stuck in the back of their throat—inarticulate, slurred and dumb; unlike Hilarus, who was very well spoken. The sixth boy, the skinniest of them all, was kneeling before a pail of water. Another shoved his head into it, holding him down despite his flailing arms.

Jaime recognized them all. The boy with his head in the pail—big shoulders, awkward, long limbs, head proportionately smaller than the rest of his body—was Cassie, the mute boy. An orphan. Like Jaime, the town had marked him as a cripple.

And the ugliest boy of all, the one howling like a wolf, was Rimas Vulcas, the pallbearer’s son.

This was the bully and dread of Mount Alairus… the boy who caught baby chamois and cut their bellies open alive, for fun.

“Still can’t talk?” Rimas laughed. “How many pails of water d’you think it’ll take to change that?”

Rage burned a hole through Jaime’s fear. They hadn’t seen him yet. He still had time to race home to his mother and pretend like he hadn’t seen a thing. Unlike Cassie, he had the safety of his lord master’s walls to hide behind.

About The Author:

Thirteen-year-old Jasmine was so shy and chronically anxious, she decided one day she’d rather go hungry hiding out with a good fantasy book than get caught sitting alone in the cafeteria.

The day Jasmine found Eragon on the upper shelf of her school library, her life changed forever.

Not only did she devour that book within a few days on grandma’s couch, it started her own journey of becoming an epic fantasy author (with early books being a total spinoff of Eragon. Oh, thirteen-year-old Jasmine).

Today, you can most likely find her bathing in Florida sunshine with the next greatest keto snack and fantasy book. When she isn’t tending to her complicated relationship with Al (almond butter), Jasmine writes epic fantasy to entertain and empower, especially the underdogs.

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