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Review: The Resistance Girl by Mandy Robotham

Hey everyone!
Today, I am excited to be sharing my review of The Resistance Girl by Mandy Robotham with you all.

Title: The Resistance Girl
Author: Mandy Robotham
Release Date: 31st March 2022
Publisher: Avon Books
Genre: Historical Fiction
Page Count: 410
Buy It Here (affiliate links): Amazon UKWaterstonesBook Depository

Book Blurb:

The next gripping and emotional historical fiction read from international bestseller, Mandy Robotham.

Norway, 1942. War rages, and operation Shetland bus is in full swing. Under cover of darkness, Rumi Orlstad and other locals smuggle British agents, fugitives and supplies across the North Sea to the relative safety of Scotland.

But when one mission goes awry, and Rumi’s husband is lost to the dangerous waters, she retreats from the clandestine group, vowing never to take to the seas again.

Meanwhile, her childhood friend Anya has been placed in Lebensborn, one of Himmler’s secret Aryan maternity camps. And when Rumi learns the fate of Anya’s child, she knows she has no choice but to face her fears and help Anya flee from Nazi grip…

My Review:

The Resistance Girl begins with Rumi. Struggling with the loss of her fiancé, who was lost at sea during a resistance mission, Rumi has such a mix of feelings swirling inside her. But anger towards Hitler and his forces are at the very heart of it all. We are then introduces to SOE agent Jensen who finds himself in a very dangerous position. His parachute has landed him in a tree, ready for any enemy soldier to discover him. This leads to the first of Rumi’s missions that we experience, and it’s a rescue mission. We witness many missions throughout the book, but when Rumi discovers her friend, Anya’s, situation, saving her becomes the number one priority. Every step of the journey is intense, and has you on the edge of the seat. There are obstacles to overcome, many different dangers to face, all of which could get them killed.

The resistance work that Rumi, her family, her friends, and many others are undertaking is nothing short of heroic. Putting their lives on the line for their country and it’s people. Until I read this book, I was unaware of how bad things were in Norway during WWII, as it’s not an aspect of the war that we ever really learn about during school in the UK, so I was fascinated to read about it within this story, and about the ways that the people of Norway fought back. Mandy Robotham is very good at showing sides of war that we’re not all necessarily aware of, and that’s one of the reasons why I loved her books so much.

There were so many interesting characters in this story, and they are all so well written that you almost feel as though you know them personally. The description of Selig is spine chilling, and you can imagine just how terrifying it would be to come face to face with this monster of a man. Rumi however does not cower in his presence, but stands tall, defiant. Her story is heartbreaking, and I immediately felt sorry for her, but she’s so incredibly strong. Her fierceness, and determination, and the lengths she will go to for the people she cares about, and even complete strangers is unbelievable. What an fantastic character!

There were so many close calls throughout the book, and I could feel my heart rate increasing with every near miss. There was excitement from start to finish, and it made it impossible to put this book down. I became so invested in this story, and attached to it’s characters, that I was desperate for them to succeed in every mission they undertook.

I loved absolutely everything about this book, which seems to be a common occurrence when it comes to Mandy Robotham’s books. I intend to read everything that she writes, and I can not wait to pick up another one of her books.

I give The Resistance Girl a 5 star rating!

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