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Contact + Review Policy

Thank you for visiting my little blog!

I have a large amount of requests, blog tours, and arcs to get through, so I am not taking on any new requests at this time, but please do not hesitate to come back in a month or two.


If you are an author or publisher, and would like me to review your book, or work with you, could you please read this in full before completing the contact form below.

I usually check my emails at least once a day, so will get back to you pretty quickly, but please take in to consideration that I have a busy schedule, and if I am interested in your request, it may still be a while before I actually get around to reading/reviewing. I do enjoy most books, and most genres, but I have listed my preferences below. If your book doesn’t fall in to any of those categories, then do get in contact, because I may still enjoy it.

My preferred genres are:

  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • Historical Fiction (especially war or art related)
  • Art
  • True Crime

(Also, I love a good pirate book, so please send those my way)

I do not read:

  • Poetry
  • Science Fiction (unless it has a thriller or horror element to it)
  • Romance
  • Well Being

When pitching your review, could you please make sure that you include the following: Title of the book, author and publisher name, genre, release date, and the synopsis of the book.

I accept books in the following formats: finished physical copies (paperback or hardcover), physical ARCs, eARCs, ebooks (PDF, .mobi or Kindle).
If the book is a physical copy, then I will give you my postal address once I have agreed to review your book, to only be used for reviewing and other book-related purposes.


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