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Wrap Up: August 2019

August is over, which means another monthly wrap up post. For my August TBR, I picked out 4 books, and for the first time in months, not only did I stick to my TBR list for the month, but I actually managed to read every book on it, and 1 more after that! I did... Continue Reading →

Review: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Fight Club's unnamed protagonist is suffering from insomnia. He seeks refuge by joining multiple support groups for the seriously ill, pretending to have the illness of whichever group he is at that day. But, with the arrival of Marla Singer, these groups no longer serve their purpose for our protagonist, and he will now have... Continue Reading →

Monthly TBR: August 2019

A new month means another monthly TBR post! A couple of these are passed over from July, because I didn't read everything on my July TBR. I've only selected 4 books for August, in the hope that I will actually read them all, and maybe even a few extra. So, here are the books I... Continue Reading →

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