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Review: Lair by James Herbert

4 years have passed since the extermination of the rats in London, following the nightmare outbreak, which killed hundreds of people. But a mutant white rat has survived the extermination, and the danger of the rats is far from over. The mutant rat has grown and mated, and created offspring in it's own image. Just... Continue Reading →

Monthly TBR: July 2019

A new month means a new TBR pile! I didn't get through all of the books on my TBR for June, but I am not going to be passing the ones I didn't read over, because I want to use this month to get up to date on my NetGalley books. We all know the... Continue Reading →

Wrap Up: June 2019

It's already time for another monthly wrap up post! This year is flying by, I can't believe it is already July! If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I picked out 7 books for the month. If you don't read my blog regularly, here is my June TBR post. For the first... Continue Reading →

Monthly TBR: June 2019

I'm not going to aim as high as I did for May, even though I was only one book away from finishing all of my TBR pile for the month. For June I've chosen 7 books: BOOK 1: Frozen: The Author's Cut by Jay Bonansinga This was the 10th book on my May TBR that... Continue Reading →

Wrap Up: April 2019

Hey everyone! I've decided to start doing monthly wrap up posts, so that you can see which books I've been reading each month. I can't believe that April is over already... The month seems to have flown by! I didn't read as much as I had hoped in April, but I managed to finish 5... Continue Reading →

Review: The Rats by James Herbert

For millions of years, man and rat had been natural enemies. But for the first time in history, the balance of power had shifted, and the true nature of these horrible creatures was about to be discovered. Rats aren't usually known to attack humans for no reason, but things have changed, and their first taste... Continue Reading →

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