Review: Invite Me In by Emma Curtis

Hey everyone!Today I am excited to be sharing my review of Invite Me In by Emma Curtis with you all. Title: Invite Me InAuthor: Emma CurtisRelease Date: 2nd September 2021Publisher: Transworld Publishers (Black Swan)Page Count: 410Buy It Here (affiliate links): Amazon UK, Waterstones, Book Depository Book Blurb: To those who think they know her, Eliza Curran has it all: two healthy children,... Continue Reading →

Review: Searching For Edgar’s Five Dancers by Efren O’Brien

Hey everyone!Today, I will be sharing my review of Searching For Edgar's Five Dancers by Efren O'Brien with you all. Title: Searching For Edgar's Five DancersAuthor: Efren O'BrienRelease Date: 31st May 2019Publisher: BookBabyPage Count: 282Buy It Here: Amazon UK, Amazon US GoodReads Synopsis: It's Santa Fe, New Mexico in the early 1940's - full of smuggled art from Europe, USSR spies, and... Continue Reading →

Review: Who Killed Ruby? by Camilla Way

Hey everyone!Today, I will be sharing my review of Who Killed Ruby? by Camilla Way with you all. Title: Who Killed Ruby?Author: Camilla WayRelease Date: 30th May 2019Publisher: Harper Collins UKPage Count: 320Genre: Psychological ThrillerBuy It Here: Amazon UK, Amazon US GoodReads Synopsis: You never know what’s going on behind closed doors… If you passed it on the street, you’d see an ordinary... Continue Reading →

Review: Gone by Leona Deakin

Hey everyone!I received a copy of Gone by Leona Deakin through NetGalley a while back, and I'm finally catching up on my reading! Today, I will be sharing my review of the book with you all. Title: GoneAuthor: Leona DeakinRelease Date: 12th December 2019Publisher: Black Swan PublishingPage Count: 384Genre: ThrillerBuy It Here: Amazon UK, Amazon US Summary: Four strangers are missing.... Continue Reading →

Review: Violet by Scott Thomas

For many children, the summer of 1988 was filled with sunshine and laughter. But for ten-year-old Kris Barlow, it was her chance to say goodbye to her dying mother.   Three decades later, loss returns when her husband Jonah is killed in a car accident. And so, Kris decides that the best thing to do for... Continue Reading →

Review: The Night You Left by Emma Curtis

When Grace's fiancé, Nick, vanishes without a trace the night after proposing, her life is completely flipped upside down. Has he walked out on her? or has something awful happened to him? While Grace desperately searches for the man she loves, it is brought to her attention that she doesn't know everything about Nick like... Continue Reading →

Review: Take It Back by Kia Abdullah

Zara Kaleel is a former barrister, and one of London's brightest young legal minds. When she is given Jodie Wolfe's case, she has no idea what to expect, or what she is in for. The Victim: Jodie Wolfe is a sixteen year old girl, with severe facial deformities, who is neglected by her alcoholic mother.... Continue Reading →

Review: Snap Shot by Marilyn Todd

The year is 1895, and the only way Julia McAllister can retain her business, and her independence as a young widow in London, is by taking risqué photographs. But, one by one, her models are being murdered, and the murderer is determined to frame Julia for the crimes. With the relentless Inspector Collingwood on the... Continue Reading →

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