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Review: Searching For Edgar’s Five Dancers by Efren O’Brien

Hey everyone!Today, I will be sharing my review of Searching For Edgar's Five Dancers by Efren O'Brien with you all. Title: Searching For Edgar's Five DancersAuthor: Efren O'BrienRelease Date: 31st May 2019Publisher: BookBabyPage Count: 282Buy It Here: Amazon UK, Amazon US GoodReads Synopsis: It's Santa Fe, New Mexico in the early 1940's - full of smuggled art from Europe, USSR spies, and... Continue Reading →

Review: Cupidity by Lucinda Lamont

Hey everyone!Today I will be sharing my review of Cupidity by Lucinda Lamont. Title: CupidityAuthor: Lucinda LamontRelease Date: 18th May 2019Publisher: Next Chapter PublishingPage Count: 256Buy It Here: Amazon UK, Amazon US GoodReads Synopsis: Britain, World War Two. After newly widowed Martha is invited to live with her wealthy confidante, Mae, she finds herself attracted to her husband. Meanwhile, an escaped convict... Continue Reading →

Review: Ration by Cody T. Luff

Hey everyone!For today's post, I will be sharing my review of Ration by Cody T. Luff with you all. Title: RationAuthor: Cody T. LuffRelease Date: 13th August 2019Publisher: Apex Book CompanyPage Count: 232Genre: Horror/DystopiaBuy It Here: Amazon UK, Amazon US GoodReads Synopsis: Cynthia and Imeld have always lived in the Apartments. A world where every calorie is rationed and the girls who live... Continue Reading →

Review: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

When Alice witnesses a white rabbit taking a pocket watch out of his waistcoat pocket, she can not resist the urge to follow. This decision to follow sets a sequence of extremely unusual events in motion, starting with poor Alice falling down the rabbit hole. But, she never expected to fall straight into wonderland. Why... Continue Reading →

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