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Review: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

When Alice witnesses a white rabbit taking a pocket watch out of his waistcoat pocket, she can not resist the urge to follow. This decision to follow sets a sequence of extremely unusual events in motion, starting with poor Alice falling down the rabbit hole. But, she never expected to fall straight into wonderland.

Why do people love this so much? I’m so confused. Until now, I had never read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and I was so excited to read it because of all the hype, the amount of love most people seem to have for it. Not long into reading, I realised that I was already losing interest. I know that a lot of people fell in love with this book during their childhood, and if I had read it as a child, I probably would have too. But honestly, I didn’t enjoy this book at all, and I was so close to not finishing it. However, I powered through, and made it to the end (eventually)!

I could not wait for this experience to be over. The entire book was all over the place, constantly jumping from one thing to another. There was absolutely no structure, and certainly no logic. The whole story was way too ridiculous, I’m all for dream lands and fairy tales, but this was a whole new level, to the point where it didn’t even make sense. “Wonderland” was a huge exaggeration for the shit that Alice fell into, and “Through the Looking Glass” wasn’t any better either.

I apologise to the many people who love this. But, I can honestly say that this wasn’t for me, and I will NEVER be reading this again.

I give this a 1/5 rating.


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  1. I totally agree! I read it last year for a book club and thought Is get the annotated version to get a better understanding of what was going on. Wow, that just made it worse! It turns out that Carroll wrote it about a little girl he knew and was obsessed with. As an adult. It was sickening. I will never get that time back, nor will I get over the trauma of reading about Lewis Carroll’s obsessions. Blech!


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