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Monthly TBR: June 2019

I’m not going to aim as high as I did for May, even though I was only one book away from finishing all of my TBR pile for the month. For June I’ve chosen 7 books:

BOOK 1: Frozen: The Author’s Cut by Jay Bonansinga

This was the 10th book on my May TBR that I didn’t get to. I did start it, but hardly read any of it at all, so it is being added to my June TBR.

BOOK 2: Haverscroft by S.A. Harris

I got my hands on a signed copy of Haverscroft while shopping in Norwich. Special thanks to Sally for going in and signing a few more copies before I went in, so that I could get one! I’ve heard so many great things about this book, and I can not wait to read it.

BOOK 3: Lair by James Herbert

After reading The Rats (REVIEW), I HAD to read the rest of this incredible series! Lair is the 2nd book in the trilogy, and I’m extremely excited to read another book by James Herbert.

BOOK 4: The Last Van Gogh by Will Ottinger

I recently requested this on NetGalley, and was approved. It is a mystery/thriller, about the search for a missing Van Gogh painting. TWO OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS COMBINED: ART AND THRILLERS!

BOOK 5: Two Brothers by Ben Elton

I saw this on sale on my Kindle, and had to have it. This is a story about two brothers, one of which is Jewish, and his adopted brother is Aryan. At first, their origins were irrelevant, but not now that they are living under the darkening shadow of the Nazis.

BOOK 6: The Cross by Steve Cavanagh

A novella to start the Eddie Flynn series! Steve Cavanagh is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors.

BOOK 7: The Defence by Steve Cavanagh

I had to have another Steve Cavanagh book on my TBR for the month didn’t I? One just wasn’t enough!

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