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Hey everyone!
Today, I will be doing the Book Adaptation tag. Thank you to the lovely Ellie @ Eleanor Sophie Writes for tagging me, and if you haven’t already, go check out her wonderful blog!

What is the last book adaptation movie you saw?

Alex and I watched The Fault in Our Stars for the first time last week! I read the book for the first time towards the end of 2020, and although the book was better than the movie, it’s still a great adaptation, and I cried A LOT.

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What book movie are you most excited for?

This book was absolutely fantastic, and I am so excited to see how the movie turns out. I don’t think any production has started for it yet, but I do know that the movie is happening.

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Which upcoming book movie will you definitely not see?

I don’t know if there is any that I can say I definitely will not see.

Which book movie would you NEVER watch again?

I don’t think I’ve seen any that I would NEVER watch again.

Is there a movie you saw that made you want to read the book, if you hadn’t yet?

There’s actually quite a few! Some movies I watched without even realising that they WERE books.
But, the movies that most made me want to read the books has to be The Lord of the Rings! The LOTR movies are probably my favourite movie trilogy of all time.

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Conversely, is there a movie that made you never want to read the book?

No, I don’t think there is!

Name an adaptation that has almost nothing to do with the book it’s supposedly based on.

Is this even a thing? If so, I’ve never come across it…

Have you ever left the theater during a movie adaptation because it was so bad?

I don’t think I’ve ever left a movie before it has finished.

Do you prefer to watch the movie first, or read the book first?

I usually prefer to read the book first, but I do then find myself pointing out the parts that the movie has skipped out.

How do you feel about movie adaptations that age characters up? (ex. Characters that are in middle school, but in the movies they’re all 18+)

I don’t know really… sometimes it works, but other times it’s annoying. I guess it all depends on the story really.

Do you get angry when the actors don’t look like you thought the characters would?

Occasionally. I guess it just depends on how different they are. I do feel that a lot of movies cast attractive actors to pull in viewers, without paying too much attention to whether they actually look like the character that is described in the book. I do kind of understand, because their aim is for as many people to watch it as possible, but it is frustrating sometimes.

Is there a movie you liked better than its book?

The Tim Burton adaptation of Alice in Wonderland! We all know how much I hate that book, but Tim Burton can make anything good!

Name a book that you would love to see as a movie.

The Vampirates series! I have been desperate for this series to be made in to movies for a very long time.

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  1. Great answers, Danni. There aren’t many book adaptations from my genre of choice that make it to the big screen. Although Netflix seem to option a few paranormal romance series.

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