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Blog Tour Review: The Good Husband by Abigail Osborne

Hey everyone!
Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Good Husband by Abigail Osborne, and I am excited to be sharing my review with you all.

A massive thank you to @Lovebookstours and @Bloodhoundbook for allowing me to be a part of the tour.

Title: The Good Husband
Author: Abigail Osborne
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
Page Count: 322
Buy It Here (affiliate links): Amazon UK

Book Blurb:

A zealot sends his grief-stricken son on a murderous mission, in this heart-pounding novel.

A chaotic stampede of Black Friday shoppers leads to Elsie’s tragic death—and leaves Jack, her husband of thirty-seven years, devastated. Unable to cope with his grief, he flees to his childhood home to be with his father, an overbearing religious zealot who puts his faith before everything—even his son.

Jack’s father convinces him that Elsie had not died in vain. Her life was sacrificed to give Jack the strength he needs for his mission: to rid the world of greed. Embittered by his loss, Jack soon sets out to punish the depraved and eradicate the sinners from the world. The greedy killed his wife, and now they must pay. But how far is Jack willing to go to fulfil God’s plan—and how many innocent people will die?

My Review:

*Thank you to Love Books Tours and Bloodhound Books for my copy of the book, in exchange for an honest review*

From the very beginning The Good Husband had me hooked. The opening chapter was unexpectedly emotional with Jack in hospital, discovering that his wife Elsie had died. These opening scenes were so raw and gut wrenching, and I could almost feel Jack’s grief myself. Jack’s father is there to get him through, but immediately I took a dislike to him, and we soon find out that my instincts were correct.

The chapters rotate between then and now, taking us back to Jack’s childhood, which was ruled by his abusive father, and his very serious dedication to his religion. His father regarded himself as one of God’s most loyal followers, but actually his take on the word of God and God’s teachings is so warped warped and twisted, it is terrifying. That terror shaped Jack’s childhood, and had an effect on the rest of his life. The abuse that Jack and his mother were subjected to was unimaginably cruel and horrific, but his father believed he was delivering these punishments in line with the word of God. I felt so sorry for Jack and his mother, who dealt with trauma that nobody should ever have to.

Although Jack and his father had never had the best relationship, especially after Jack put his relationship with Elsie above his father, he took Jack in after the death of Elsie and appeared to be helping him move forward with his life at a time when Jack couldn’t see a way to go on. However, to me it seemed that Jack’s father was using his grief and vulnerability for his own twisted game and beliefs, while making it seem as though he is supporting his son. He puts the idea in to Jack’s head that he has been “chosen” by God to carry out an unbelievable task, and Jack’s grief and rage at the loss of his wife fuels him forward with his “mission”.

Jack is soon finding his victims, and attempting to eradicate the sinners of the world in ways that he deems fit according to the severity of their sins. But that anger insight him begins to fully take over, and he is struggling to keep it under control. I liked that we got to know a little about each of Jack’s victims before he made his move, especially the last couple who we got much more in depth looks in to their stories. It made them seem more real, and also showed a different side to them than what Jack was seeing. Jack became as cruel and twisted as his father in his methods of punishment, all the while being encouraged by his father to continue with his task.

The final few chapters threw some real twists and curveballs that I hadn’t expected. As the story continued, it was clear that Jack was losing touch with reality, but I had no idea just how far gone he was. Then the final chapter, we finally find out how Elsie’s death occurred, and this chapter brought me to tears, it was so difficult to read. Unfortunately, this type of thing does actually happen on days like Black Friday, and it is absolutely devastating how long people will stoop to get a quick bargain. It’s unimaginable how Jack must have felt in that moment, and it does make you understand his anger a little more, but that doesn’t excuse his actions beyond that point.

This book was a real rollercoaster of emotions, that makes it very difficult to put down.

I give The Good Husband a 4 star rating!

About The Author:

“I am originally a northern girl, heralding from the Lake District. But after moving to Worcestershire to study at University, I met my husband and decided to stay in the West Midlands. I have now set up home with my husband, two cats and my dog Ozzy Osborne.

I never intended to become a writer. I’ve always been intimidated at the thought of creating a world. But after a push from the writer Caroline Mitchell, I gave it a go and my journey started.

I currently run my own company. I deliver Needs Assessments for students with disabilities going to University and people in the workplace who have a disability. This involves making recommendations to help them study using Assistive Technology.

My plan is to try and reduce this down and focus more on my book writing. It has been very hard as no one warns you how hard running your own business is. But three years later, I have worked out the balance and I am closer and closer to becoming a full-time writer”

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