The 12 Challenge

Hey everyone! Most of you will have seen the 12 Challenge floating around on social media, but for those of you who haven't, let me explain. The 12 Challenge is to read 12 books that are recommended by 12 friends in 12 months. There is a lovely little template to use, created by @shadowbooker over on... Continue Reading →

2022 Reading Challenge

Hey everyone!Today, I am sharing my post for the 2022 Reading Challenge, which is hosted by the lovely Mina @ StackedI have taken part in Mina's yearly challenge for the past two years, and both years I did terribly, but this year is the year that I actually manage to do a good job! The... Continue Reading →

Update 1: 2021 Reading Challenge

Hey everyone!Today, I will be sharing my first update of my progress on the 2021 Reading Challenge with you all. This challenge was created by Mina @ Stacked.  Here's a recap for anyone who doesn’t know about the challenge… The Rules Choose a book for each of the 20 reading challenge prompts. If it’s too difficult... Continue Reading →

Final Update: 2020 TBR Reading Challenge

Hey everyone! For today’s post, I will be sharing my 4th and final update/results post for the 2020 TBR Reading Challenge, which was created by the lovely Mina @ Stacked. Here’s a quick recap for anyone who doesn’t know about the challenge… The Rules: Pick a novel for each of the 22 TBR prompts. If that’s... Continue Reading →

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