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Review: Take It Back by Kia Abdullah

Zara Kaleel is a former barrister, and one of London’s brightest young legal minds. When she is given Jodie Wolfe’s case, she has no idea what to expect, or what she is in for.

The Victim: Jodie Wolfe is a sixteen year old girl, with severe facial deformities, who is neglected by her alcoholic mother. She is accusing four boys of an unthinkable crime.

The Defendants: Four good looking teenage boys, from respectable, hardworking immigrant backgrounds. All four boys have corroborating stories.

Someone is lying, but the question is, who?

This trial soon becomes the most explosive criminal trial of the year, with Zara and Jodie at the centre of it all. The trial quickly exposes the disgusting divisions in British society, with terrible consequences. When everything around Zara begins to unravel, and crumble, she becomes even more determined to get the justice that Jodie is looking for. But at what price?

I honestly don’t even know where to start with this one! If you are looking for a tense, gripping thriller, then look no further. This was everything I expected it to be and more.

Take It Back dives straight into the heart of the story, and it immediately had me hooked. Abdullah’s writing style is excellent, and makes this an easy read, with no confusion of what is happening, or who is who. Recently, I have found a lot of thrillers to be very predictable, and easy to figure out, but I definitely can not say that about this book. Right until the very end, I was unsure as to which side was telling the truth, and who to believe, and it kept my mind racing from beginning to end, which is exactly what I want from a book.

What I didn’t expect from this book was the raw emotion, and the feelings it provoked. On a few occasions, the story actually brought me to tears, which is very rare when it comes to a thriller. The detail into the character’s feelings, and their reactions to events in the story is so well written that you actually start to feel it yourself, and you can relate to them on an emotional level, which makes it all the more enjoyable to read. I found Zara’s character in particular extremely easy to relate to. I loved the way that Abdullah delved into the back story of not only the main characters, but also other characters which connected to the main characters in the story. I felt like this give me more of an insight into the main characters themselves, and helped me to connect with them.

The representation of the racism problems of today was extremely accurate, particularly the way that a whole race or religion is seen as one, and blamed as the cause behind a single person, or small minorities actions. To think that this type of thing happens in real life, on a daily basis, is terrifying, and needs to be addressed properly. I applaud Abdullah on the way she put this across in Take It Back.

I was completely gripped by this book, and the ending certainly lived up to the standard of the story. The twist at the end was completely unexpected, and the questions that are left open from the way the story ends made this a very interesting way to end the book. I would love to see how or if the story continues!

Readers should know that there are detailed accounts of sexual assault, which could be triggering and very upsetting, so be aware of that before reading Take It Back. Although parts of the book were difficult to read, I couldn’t put this book down, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend it!

Thank you to NetGalley and HQ for my copy, in exchange for an honest review. I give Take It Back an easy 5/5 rating.

Have you read Take It Back? Is it on your TBR? Will you be adding it to your TBR?
Let me know in the comments!

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