My Top 5: Favourite Things About Being A Book Blogger

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is another My Top 5. This week’s is my 5 favourite things about being a book blogger.

1 – The book community

By far, my favourite thing about being a book blogger is being part of the book blogging community on social media. I have made quite a few friends, and everyone is so lovely and supportive. It is so nice to be a part of something so positive, and to be surrounded by people who share my love for books.

2 – Being able to share my thoughts with other people

I have always loved reading, and have always enjoyed expressing my thoughts on the books I am reading, but before having this blog, my family and friends had to listen to it, and I doubt many of them were actually interested (even though they were all incredibly polite, and listened to it anyway). So, it is really lovely to be able to have a place where I can share my thoughts and opinions with people who are genuinely interested.

3 – Finding out about amazing books

Since making my blog, and joining the book community, I have found so many amazing books because of the recommendations of others, and a lot of them, I doubt I would have found on my own.

4 – Connecting with authors

One of the best things about being a book blogger is being able to actually connect with authors. Whether it is just having a chat, or doing blog tours etc, it is nice to be able to have that connection.

5 – The amazing opportunities

Being a book blogger brings some amazing opportunities, like being part of blog tours, receiving arcs, etc. These types of things wouldn’t be possible without my little blog, and I will be forever grateful for every single opportunity it creates for me.

What are your top 5 things about being a book blogger?
Are any of your top 5 the same as mine?

Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “My Top 5: Favourite Things About Being A Book Blogger

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  1. I agree with all 5 of your points! The book community is amazing and I’ve found really great friends through this. I think it really helps me that a lot of readers are also very tolerant and mindful of mental health etc. So I feel like thats a safe space to talk about these things.
    And I love connecting with authors! It’s so cool to be able to talk a bit with them!

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